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Acronym References

What is ISDS ?
International Sheep Dog Society
The international sheepdog...
What is WPATH ?
World Professional Association for Transgender Health
The Global Association of the support of the health sexual orientation and gender identity...
What is NYCC ?
North Yorkshire County Council
City Council North Yorkshire...
What is NCAA ?
Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority
The Bureau of Civil Aviation, Nigeria...
What is BAMF ?
Bundesamt für Migration und Flüchtlinge
Immigration and refugees...
What is SITE ?
Society for Information Technology and Teacher Education
The association technology and teacher education...
What is IRPGF ?
International Revolutionary Peoples Guerrilla Forces
The forces of the right people's revolutionary international (IRPGF) the mass of fighters, guerilla anarchist collective from around the world. The group on 31 March 2017, was formed. The group with the aim of forming your defense of the social revolution in Rojava, in northern Syria, and the spread of anarchism, he said.

militants IRPGF part of the units in Liberty International, which from April 2017, have been formed. Turkey as terrorist organizations, and the part of the parties integrated Workers ' Party of Kurdistan people....
What is UNIFEM ?
United Nations Development Fund for Women
Fund United Nations Development for women...