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What is ساجات ?
سامانه جامع هوشمند تشخیص صلاحیت عوامل نظامی فنی و اجرایی
System Smart Diagnosis qualification factors military, technical and executive...
What is IRQO ?
Iranian Queer Organization
Iranian queer organization, Iranian (also known as the name of the organization, homosexuals, Iranian) enterprise is to defend the rights of homosexual persons and ... bisexual and transgender species (El Jay, t -), and ... that they have LGBT parents. This organization, in 2008, won the annual award for defending human rights, the International Organization for the defense of the rights of the people, El Jay, t - (bonus two Suza) was.

Arsham Parsi, along with a number of homosexuals in the Iranian year 1380 (2001 CE), an internet group called Rainbow, who was created in the year 1383, the organization LGBT Iranian (Persian Gay and Lesbian Organization) in Norway, recorded in collaboration with a number of LGBT citizens in Iran were worked. The organization of gays in 2007, in Canada an official from the Butler, the hero, etc. need Salimi, clear arguments, etc. Arsham Parsi and Sam industrious was registered and was working....
What is BMHA ?
Buffalo Municipal Housing Authority
Department Housing Urban, Buffalo (New York, USA)...
What is نخسا ?
نیروهای خودجوش سپاه اسلام
The forces of spontaneous political Islam...
What is DDP ?
Deutsche Demokratische Partei
Democratic Party of Germany (DDP), a party of German, which was in 1918 by the leaders of the former Progress Party Republican creation(German: Fortschrittliche Volkspartei), the members of the left-wing party, the national liberals(German: Nationalliberale Partei) and the group that your upload music foundation was founded.

Democratic Party of Germany tends the left was. Also a political party with tendencies, the national, and of the opponents of the Treaty of Versailles. Next to the tendencies nationalistic, as well as disapprove with the interaction with all the world and protecting the minorities in society. Up before the rising of the Nazis, the party for this stance to taunt the party of the Jewish was read.

in 1930, the party to the party, the government of Germany (German: Deutsche Staatspartei, DStP) change the name of found, and finally, with pressure from the Nazis in 1933 disbanded.

members of the leadership of the party can be and Max Weber named. After 1945 and occupation of Germany, former members of the party, attract the party such as Free Democratic Party and Christian Democratic Union of Germany were....
What is FUC ?
Front Uni pour le Changement
United front for change Democratic (FUC - fuck or the United Front for Democratic Change), an alliance of rebels be that of the eight rebel group Solo was formed, all with the goal of overthrowing the government of President Idris Dubai were....
What is LTA ?
Land Transport Authority
Organized ground transportation in Singapore...
What is CPM ?
Communist Party of India
The Communist Party of India (Marxist) the political party in India and is the Secretary General of the time (Prakash Karat is. Now the party is in three states of India (Kerala, the West Bengal and Tripura), the government can and does work is. The party member from the front left.

the party in 1964 as the groups emerged from the Communist Party of India was established.
the party organization for young people called "Youth Federation, democratic India" is.
in the Parliamentary Elections 2004 Party 22 061 677 votes (5 of 7%, the 43 seats) received.
The Communist Party of India, the highest party political party in this country. The party, in 2016, claimed that 1, the 094, the 867 members....