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What is SPQR ?

Senātus Populusque Rōmānus

The Senate and the Roman people (r) is a title derived from the Latin abbreviation "r "which refers to the ancient Roman Republic. The term is still used today as the official coat of arms of the city of Rome during the Roman Empire. This term was used in inscriptions، Scrolls، dedications، monuments and public sacrifices. The Roman coat of arms of the legions was also attributed to this sign. The use of this coat of arms dates from a time when the Roman government did not have dictatorial governments like Caesar's, and the ruler was appointed by the Senate. It seems that the term was also used on Roman currency in periods.

phrase; the Senate and the Roman people, in literature, political, legal and historical Romans frequently used in the provinces. Cicero, etc., says the famous Roman in his flared; and Livy, in effect, a famous herself to the name history of Rome (ab urbe condita) from this expression we have used.