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Acronym References

What is FHR ?
Fetal Heart Rate
FHR means to track the heart rate of the fetus. This parameter is usually in the beginning of pregnancy between 120 to 160 beats per minute is measured, and from the sixth week is measurable. With the passage of ten weeks of heart rate to 170 beats a minute arrives and then to 130 beats will decrease....
What is BPD ?
BiParietal Diameter
BPD means the diameter of is. The parameter size between the two sides trying to disturb the embryo specifies and from Week Thirteen of the pregnancy to the next to be measured. Much, it from 2. the 4 cm in Week Thirteen to 9. the 5 cm at the end of the pregnancy changed. Of course, the fetus different size heads have different and determine the time of delivery on the basis of this parameter, accurate, and very reliable, will not be....
What is AFI ?
Amniotic Fluid Index
AFI means the index of amniotic fluid is. This is an indicator of the health of the fetus can determine. The number obtained from these measurements can be natural being status of the fetus, the Islamic Republic does. This liquid should not be too natural around the fetus less. Low amniotic fluid can be a sign of congenital defects., the rupture of the membrane or the problems of another....
What is AC ?
Abdominal Circumference
AC means the range of abdominal is. The only important measure in late pregnancy can be considered. This parameter, the more the size and weight of the fetus, shows up to the age of measure it periodically on a regular basis to monitor fetal development, are useful. From this parameter to determine the time of delivery not used....
What is PCI ?
Percutaneous Coronary Intervention
Treatments reduce blood flow of the arteries of the heart now, the two ways are done: \"the methods of intervention beyond skin disease\" (PCI), which by the practitioners of heart and accepted in the community as \"the balloon and springs\" is known, and the method of open surgery, blood supply is to the practice of the bypass (away nasty) is famous....
What is PCL ?
Posterior Cruciate Ligament
The ligaments cross in the dorsal or posterior cruciate or PCL is one of the ligaments, the strong, the knee joint. The ligaments of The internal femoral (thigh bone) to the area of the cushion between the tibial (tibia) may be connected. The ligaments cross in the dorsal (PCL) and cross the front-end (ACL) inside the capsular contracture has been the cause of the situation, anatomical, specific to the name of the cross, or Crusader as they are called.

if the joint capsule of the knee of the rear garden. the first part that can be seen., the ligaments, the crossover backpack is. This ligament relative to Rabat crossover, front-end, stronger been, but the fibers of the ligaments cross the front-end, the miles are more. The most important action of the ligaments, crossover, backpack, etc. avoid the dislocation of tibial (tibia) to the back....
What is MCL ?
Medial Collateral Ligament
Rabat the other hand, the internal (MCL), like the ligaments, one external ligament tightly in the knee joint that mouthful () the interior of the femur and tibia Connect is. This ligament has two parts, surface and depth is. Part forced, the weaker that according to the (Plateau) of coarse straw and internally connected. Part surface that is stronger, to the inner surface of the tibia (lower knee joint) connections. Rabat, however, the interior makes maintenance of the joint capsule of the knee can be....
What is ACL ?
Anterior Cruciate Ligament
Cruciate ligament a front-end (ACL) is one of the ligaments important the knee joint. Among the factors important to the stability of any joint depends on being healthy, building the ligaments at that joint, and if joint mobility a lot in the natural state have, " the role of the ligaments or the ligaments of that Joint more important finds.Strength of the ligaments cross the front-end equivalent of the ligaments, other internal or MCL, and half the strength of the ligaments cross the dorsal (PCL) is.

ligaments, crossover front, usually the anterior cruciate ligament also can be read. The ligaments, including the ligament, such that when the activities of the extreme damage he sees.In professional athletes tear the ligaments cross the front-end is common to tear the ACL is famous for.If the force applied is too high. the probability of rupture of the ligaments, other internal and interior, along with rupture of the ligaments cross the front there.