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What is IUI ?

Intra Uterine Injection

Iodine means injecting washed sperm into THEUERINE cavity and is one of the assisted reproductive methods. This iodine increases the chances of the egg coming into contact with the sperm in the erus and increases the chances of pregnancy. Iodine is a very simple method that has found a very wide application in the treatment of infertility. < < > this procedure is relatively simple and painless and is performed under the supervision of a physician، without anesthesia. In this procedure, semen is usually washed in a special way, and then the washed sperm is poured into the woman's erus through the vagina using a narrow tube (iodine). this method aims to increase the chances of pregnancy by taking ovarian stimulant drugs increases the number of eggs born in the corresponding cycle to two or four eggs. For this purpose, ovarian stimulant drugs should be taken at exactly the appropriate dosage and at the specified time as directed by the Attending Physician. After examining the condition of the ovaries with the help of ultrasound and observation of the follicle and ensuring that the condition of iodine is normal, injections of an assisted reproductive drug (iodine) are performed to stimulate ovulation. usuallyu is done about 36 to 48 hours after the iodine injection. But sometimes, according to the physician and the circumstances, to increase the success RATEU twiceu and at a time.
to determine the exact time to do the practice IUI and announce it to the imago Dei, the man should be after two to five days of abstinence from doing intercourse, and the exit face. morning determined to do surgery. the sperm sample to the lab to deliver. The sperm sample should be collected by masturbation (masturbation) or using special condoms without sperm lethal substances in a sterile container provided to the man by the iodine laboratory. The sample must be fresh and, as possible, prepared at the site of the exhibition. The sperm sample in the iodine laboratory is separated from the semen by washing with special substances and the iodine material is injected.