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Acronym References

What is ASP ?
Active Server Pages
Page, active Server, Active Server Pages, or for the acronym ASP), the first script Engine Microsoft to generate dynamic pages on the server side. The first time as an Add-on along IIS in Windows NT4 was released. After the Windows 2000 Server as one of the components of the free along with it. Web site programming, ASP objects within the made along it became easier.

each object is a group of functions used that to create web pages useful. In ASP 2.0 six types of such objects within the Made there are: Application, etc. ASPError, etc. Request and. Response, etc. Server, and Session.

for example, Session a object based on the cookie that page to page to keep.

pages ASP to help the extension end of the path, they can be steam cleaners that instead of HTML, and HTM .asp can be used. Most of the page, ASP VBScript written are but to help written, @language, or can be used instead of VbScript from other engines, process programming active, the other is also used....
What is EXE ?
Know just executable (in the meaning of the "executive"). Extension the three-letter and specify a template file, executable in the environment of operating system, dos and windows....
What is PDF ?
Portable Document Format
Extension the three-letter and specify a texture file, e-book in the program Adobe Acrobat. This name is short for Portable Document Format (document format, portable). Adobe for making such pages of the programs is called family of acrobats season, are they used in the newest version it number 9, which is the number the ability to support Microsoft Office files, Terry, Max and AutoCAD is a PDF you can, the next is the price of three-dimensional version of(7٫07) 995 dollars....