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What is VGA ?

Video Graphics Array

Approx. the array display image, a standard image display, the computer for the analog is that the Prime in 1987 by IBM to come to market. While it in some cases but in the market the pocket PC when it was to the standard of a new convert. obsolete. it's the latest standard graphics was that the majority of the manufacturers decided to continue producing it has taken and caused the lowest number that all of the hardware graphics computer Prime, It Follows as a driver specific to a device considered. For example, interesting images of Microsoft Windows, while the device is still in VGA mode worked appeared that it was due to the fact that this image is always in low precision and color depth has been reduced, etc. appeared.
VGA, often to reach carefully 480x640, regardless of the hardware that the image production. used. May refer to interface VGA 15-pin very small class D), which are still used widely for signal transmission, analog video in all resolution, is used.
VGA officially by Standard XGA IBM was replaced, but it in fact by several hair extensions additional to the VGA by the manufacturers copy the alternative was to name the Super VGA is famous.