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Acronym Finder

What is PB ?
Peta Byte
A a unit of information is equal to a bytes, or 1024 terabytes. Short it (PB)....
What is WLAN ?
Wireless Lan
Wireless local area network, or WLAN, some kind of local network are applied in which to transfer information from one point to other the radio waves used. Important advantage of a wireless network is need to the the wiring does not have, and thus users can be in the range of the network are swapped.

development, includes a special solutions and industrial contracts (protocols) proprietary, etc., except in the late 1990's, all with the new standards switching , especially completed different from the IEE 802.11), Wi-Fi) (different definitions see below) and HomeRF (lines, 2Mbit/s, which for the user, considered were). A technology alternative is similar to the ATM, 5 GHz, etc. HIPERLAN, etc., according to political factors, and market, etc. the less successful appeared to be.

to establish a wireless local area network, or WLAN, two types of infrastructure or topology, there are : point-to-point (peer-to-peer) or case (ad-hoc) and state that it mode, a foundation, or infrastructure) is said to be....
What is UPS ?
Uninterruptible Power Supply
The uninterruptible power supply or UPS is an electronic device that at the time of cut-off or voltage drop or when the line voltage outside the normal range, it is continue to supply electricity for a certain period of time pays. The application of the conventional this means on your computer....
What is MSI ?
Micro Soft Installer
Program installer windows making Microsoft Corporation (Microsoft Installer) to install the software on the systems under the Windows operating system....
What is HDD ?
Hard Drive Disk
Hard disc device is one or more flexible page that level them with the materials covered that can be given to the magnetic on them recording. This means in addition to the page mentioned above contains the heads, read/write, etc. the mechanism determines the location of the printhead, and the motor is in the compartment, place is given to the pollution in foreign is to be spared. This environment is protected to allows as much as 10 to 25 millionths of an inch from the surface of the page that generally 3600 to 2700 rpm knocks spacing is the volume of data, reliable storage, speed achieve them compared to floppy disks is much greater . In the configuration, hard disks which are new to them also said to be the speed of the spinning disk to 10,000 rpm reaches. Capacity, hard drives are far from the floppy disk, has been every day to capacity, they can be added, For example, now the capacity of the average hard disks about 700 GB. In hard drives, multi-page disk place is given to the rotating disk to more than one page, achieve....
What is BD ?
Blue-Ray Disk
Disc Blu-ray (Blu-ray Disc or BD) is the name of a type of optical disc. Now Blu-ray to store more video with very high resolution to work. Discs Blu-ray in terms of looking like a disc, DVD and CD are 25 GB (one layer) or 50 GB (two layers). DVD and CD with the red rays of the work, but Blu-ray, as the name implies, the Blue Ray works with disks, that of technology, the main ones are:T, Kay, mission, t-Gate, etc. device and Sony.
the name of the Blue Ray of laser, water where to service used is taken. Pursuant to the this type of laser has a wavelength (405nm ). in conclusion, the data and information more than to format disc of DVD, which has a laser red (650nm ). can be zinc Blue Ray service.A Blue Ray estabilished the ability to service 50 gigabyte for. more than 5 times the capacity of a disk of DVD two-layer....
What is GB ?
Gigabyte, or GB, information and on your computer. This word from the prefix Giga, and the word Bytes is formed. This term means one billion bytes or 109 bytes. but in the calculations that the bytes according to the power of two is calculated, a billion bytes, the equivalent of 230 or 824, etc. 741، 073، 1 byte. Each gigabyte equal to 1024 megabytes. in other words, each gigabyte equal to 210 MB....
What is KB ?
Kb or KB, etc. information and on your computer. This word from the prefix kilo (meaning 1000) and the word byte is formed. Per KB, depending on the concept, equal to 1000 bytes (103) or 1024 bytes (210).

The Mark, short of the YK such are: KB, kB, K and Kbyte...