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What is CPU ?
Central Processing Unit
The CPU or processor is one of the components of the computer that commands and information about the processing puts. Units, the central processing features, basic, programmable in computers a digit provides. and one of the most important components of the computer are. A central processor, etc. orbital integration, which is commonly referred to as the microprocessor to be known. Nowadays, the phrase CPU, usually for the microprocessor, goes to work.
What is OS ?
Operating System
Operating system or system OS is software that manages the computer's resources to undertake inpatient and provides that software applications have been implemented and of its services. The operating system services to applications and user offers. Applications or through the interfaces, programming, functional (Application User Interface-APIs), or through calling System (system call) access to these services. By calling this interface, applications can make a service from the operating system request. parameters transfer, etc., and reply operation to receive. Might users with some types of user interface software, like interface command line (Command Line Interface-CLI) or a graphical user interface (Graphical User Interface-GUI) and operating system interaction. For computers, handheld and desktop, generally user interface as part of the operating system is considered to be. In the system, and multi-user like Unix and systems like Unix, etc. user interface, commonly referred to as an application which is outside of the operating system runs can be implemented....
What is STP ?
Steiner Tree Problem
The issue of tree Steiner, which is in honor of Jakob Steiner invented it this name. the smallest tree weight restraint that includes a number of nodes specific to the name of the terminal. In this issue, a graph weight(G=(V,E, and a subset of the vertices of the graph (T⊆V), which sets the terminal name is offered for the purpose of finding the(...
What is DNS ?
Domain Name System
) the domain name system[(Domain Name System), etc. (abbreviated DNS) is called the military hierarchy for the computers and other resources connected to the internet or other networks, which in 1984 introduced.

When you want to enter a site. must be a server address to know. Address of the web server with the IP addresses specified. But remembering IP addresses difficult. Can be used instead of IP addresses from domain names. For any IP addresses a domain name is considered. For example, address IP site,, Google, 173 of 194, the 33 of 104. For access to Google can from this address IP or domain name, it means www.google.com use.

In , the address of the internet within the bank's distributed intelligence are no retreat on a particular spot of the network. Method name translation so that when an application is forced to make a. equivalent to IP addresses of a machine with a name like cs.ucsb.edu to bring, before anything, a function library (Library Function) sound people. " to this library function, the function of the analyst name (English: Name Resolver) is said to be. The function of the analyst name, an address, symbolic that must be translated, etc., as input parameters accepted and then a package request to: Query Packet), UDP has produced and to address, a server DNS (which by default are specified to be) sent. All of the host machines, etc. should at least address the IP from a service provider at the discretion of the. This is a "provider local" after the search, address IP equivalent with a symbolic name returns. "The function of the analyst name" also it address IP to application delivery, gives the address of the IP-application can Operation his will continue....
What is URL ?
Uniform Resource Locator
Web address or URL or (URL) specifies location and how to fetch a resource on the internet, or networks similar to the internet. In using folklore, sometimes it make the mistake instead of use, while the two together are different. in the year 1990 by Tim Berners-Lee as part of were made....
What is FTP ?
File Transfer Protocol
FTP or hoists (contract on the transfer case), the contract (protocol) is the network computer for the displacement of records from Origin to destination is used.

through computers, the host etc. FTP, in particular, a contract commonly used for bartering, command, and file in every network backup from the contract internet and contract transmission (TCP/IP) (such as the internet and intranet). Port (Port) default for the service, hoists, etc. port 21/TCP for data transfer from Port 20/TCP uses .

In A the transfer FTP, the two computers involved. a server and a user. Server (server), hoists, etc. programs server FTP runs, and requests admission in the network to another computer (i.e., user) poses. Computer user application user FTP to run and a connection with The on the can.

When a communicate can be the user can be a number of programs to change (manipulate limited), like loading the file on the server and loading the file from it, or or delete records in the server and like it.

any person or company, the app maker can be a server, hoists or applications user create. because this contract is free.

In fact, all substrates computer from FTP support, and to any associated computer, which on the basis of a contract guiding the transfer/contract internet regardless of which system of the factor used, if computers allow access to the hoists. this allows that in the case of the other computer in the network changes create....
What is HTTP ?
Hypertext Transfer Protocol
Contract transfer hypertext briefly to a friend or or IP (http) protocol, or the contract of communication is to transfer and transform information used on the web. Of this protocol to extract documents that form the link in the other documentation have been used. This solution leads to the production of content, can be. The production and development of this protocol, responsible for two-Institution Consortium, the World Wide Web. These two institutions with each other in publishing documentation of the RFC work, such as RFC 2616 is the standard HTTP 1.1 ( the current version of the protocol) in it.

This protocol is standard for sending a request to the servant or the server and get reply from it. The server here is a site that answers it the client client receives. In fact, the end-user customer server. The client asked that a http request would be to take the help of tools such as cosmetic web browser or a similar program that the user agent is termed, for the server sends. To the resources of like HTML files or images created or save Does called the origin server is said to be. HTTP in fact, the language that the Client (or here, the same Web browser) and the Server (or here, the same Web server), through which the con the conversation....
What is IP ?
Internet Protocol Address
Address Internet Protocol, or refer to the address IP (IP Address) address is a numerical that to each of the devices and computers connected to the network computer, that, based on the profile TCP/IP (including internet) works, etc. are assigned. The messages that the other computer for this computer, sending with the sign of the numerical cell is, and the way the Finder network it is like the "address of receiver" in the e-mailing Tabor. finally message to the network interface computer the desired....