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Acronym References

What is BD ?

Blue Ray

Disc Blu-ray (Blu-ray Disc or BD) is the name of a type of optical disc. Now Blu-ray to store more video with very high resolution to work. Discs Blu-ray in terms of looking like a disc, DVD and CD are 25 GB (one layer) or 50 GB (two layers). DVD and CD with the red rays of the work, but Blu-ray, as the name implies, the Blue Ray works with disks, that of technology, the main ones are:T, Kay, mission, t-Gate, etc. device and Sony.
the name of the Blue Ray of laser, water where to service used is taken. Pursuant to the this type of laser has a wavelength (405nm ). in conclusion, the data and information more than to format disc of DVD, which has a laser red (650nm ). can be zinc Blue Ray service.A Blue Ray estabilished the ability to service 50 gigabyte for. more than 5 times the capacity of a disk of DVD two-layer.