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What is VIRUS ?

Vital Information Resources Under Seize

Computer virus (in English: Computer virus is a computer program that when run, the program, etc. by modifying other computer programs and enter a code specific to the ... repeats itself. When this proliferation is successful it is said that regions seen as computer viruses are transmitted.virus authors use social engineering tricks, threaten detailed knowledge in Windows, and employ a variety of mechanisms to host a new host and often use sophisticated anti-tracking / stealth strategies to evade virus software. The motivations for causing the virus can include profits or political ones.

now, virus, computer annual billions of dollars in economic damages, enter into that cause it malfunction of system, wasting computer resources, School of corrupted data, increasing maintenance costs or stealing personal information or company is. In response free and open source anti-virus tools have been developed and industrial anti-virus software has provided virus protection to users of various operating systems. Since 2005, the industry has launched, there is no virus software capable of detecting all computer viruses (especially new versions), so computer security researchers are actively searching for new ways to identify antivirus solutions more effectively before they multiply widely among computers.