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Acronym References

What is VMM ?

Virtual Machine Manager

VMM is a tool focused and integrated with other solutions for Microsoft infrastructure management virtual storage to round off, the possibility of the management host, network, and storage space for distribution and manufacturing machine, the virtual provides.

the most important application service VMM following:

- create and manage machine default the virtual(template)
- service users
- create a service by default, and align Service created
- backup of the Virtual machine Manager

for, by default, VMM, some information on the VMM Database by using Data Protection Application Programming Interface (DPAPI). Encryption does. DPAPI is a mechanism password-based data protection based on cryptography. For example, VMM information Run as Account on the operating system, the guest encryption. Also the product key in the settings, virtual hard disk encryption. This cryptography to the computer that the VMM launch is tied. so, if the service VMM from one computer to another. VMM makes it possible to preserve this information. With the use of the management of the distributed key. service VMM more flexible. At the time of design, it is necessary given that do not require Distributed key management in the environment given there. In this case, instead of storing the keys on the computer that the VMM management server, on it is launched on the data store corresponding to the Active Directory Domain Services kept. In this case, it is container related to it in the AD DS data store before the start of the launch of the service to be created.

service VMM has the flexibility, strong in network settings in virtual environments. Logical Networks, which are often for the performance of a certain virtual environment designed..., vlan, distinct, each of which has a IP address pool unique your are and for service, separate to the VM, are connected. On the architecture of the Logical Networks, the possibility to work of Virtual Networks provides. Network Virtualization the concept of virtualization with the possibility of making the VM network, different network, different logical stronger.

one of the essentials of virtualization, infrastructure, storage and invoice, capacity and performance fit with the needs of the environment. VMM two general types of Storage for local and remote case support, puts. Local storage the data storage space that is directly connected to the server, is said to be, and to the public, for the scenario low cost option is suitable. With the use of Remote storage, the possibility to offload the work on the file, there is another that increases the scalability and ... flexibility and capacity.