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What is VS ?

Visual Studio

Visual Studio the name of the collection (Suite), programming, company is Microsoft, which has multi-language programming. This set visual si Visual Basic and visual Foxpro, and several other tools within your place.

software, Visual Studio, etc. software developed for computer programmers that by the software company MicroSoft has produced . The main focus of this software from the first version, it has so far on the property's IDE is that it to the programmer to allow applications independent of the web ... web applications or web services that on the number of PlatForm supported by Microsoft .NET Framework ( of course, for all later versions of Visual Studio 6 ), and also Platform such as Microsoft Windows servers and workstations, mature PocketPC Smartphones and World Wide Web browsers are implemented to easily create . Including the added functionality that the latest edit is provided can be applied to Silverlight noted that a Web Application framework is a very advanced direction of the development of software for web applications.