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Acronym References

What is GIG ?

Golrang Industrial Group

Golrang industrial group (GIG) the holding company is in the field of production and distribution of Health and food industry, distribution, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and beauty. provided business services, etc. printing, shipping, packaging, and industries furnishing store activity.< < > Mohammad Karim Fazli، founded pakshoo company in 1351. The initial products of this company were registered under the brand of safflower and under the name of detergent and hygienic products of safflower. Pakshoo company has been one of the largest detergent manufacturers in Iran since yen time due to its growth. In 1370, Mehdi Fazli joined pakshu company and the company, under his management, developed production work. In 1374, the first new products, including a variety of shampoo and washing liquid, were added to the basket of safflower products. In 1378 with the aim of marketing sales and distribution of part of the products of pakshu company golpakhsh company became the first TSIS and in 1379 with the distribution of detergent products with the brand name Oh officially began to operate. In the same year, golrang pakhsh company was also registered to distribute and distribute another part of pakshoo products, mainly produced by golrang brand. Padideh Shimi IndiGo company in 1379 with the aim of producing raw materials، its activity Bazzaz. The company is currently merged with Padideh Shimi jam company.< < >golrang industrial group in 1382 was headed by Mohammad Karim Fazli and managing director Mehdi Fazli. In 1384, Padideh Shimi Paydar company with the aim of producing and supplying detergent and hygiene products.< < > golrang industrial group in 1386 founded its first food factory called Dalin Mehr. In the same year (1386) pakshoo chemical and manufacturing complex including 5 manufacturing plants with the aim of producing other detergent products, including detergent powder and raw materials required in pakshoo yen company, was commissioned. In 1387, the phenomenon was broadcast. The company distributed detergent products of Padideh Shimi Paydar company under the brand name "active". In 1387, golrang University of Applied Sciences was launched with the aim of improving the skill level of the staff of this group.< < > in 1387, the Middle East investment Mahd company as a large economic holding began to work. In 1388, golrang group began to set up ofogh Kourosh chain stores. Marinasan cellulose Industries Company was also registered in 1387 and in 1388 produced a variety of napkins. Golbarg Baharan company was opened in 1390 with the aim of producing a variety of food products such as oil، canned، tomato paste and tuna.