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Acronym References

What is QANTAS ?
Queensland And Northern Territory Aerial Services
Qantas () (or Coentas) is the Australian flag carrier which is Australia's largest airline. The airline's intimate name is Qantas - "flying kangaroo". Qantas is a founding member of the Oneworld airlines Alliance.Qantas was founded in 1920 and began formal operations in March 1921. It is now the third oldest airline in the world, after KLM and Avianca Airlines.< < > Qantas is headquartered at Sydney Airport. A portion of the shares of Qantas airlines are exchanged on the Australian Stock Exchange....
What is DW ?
Deutsche Welle
DW (formerly also called Deutsche Welle TV) is the foreign public television network of Deutsche Welle. The Deutsche Welle news and Information programme was broadcast live from the beginning of 1992. As a successor to the - ROY and can be received via satellite. The production site of the TV program is Deutsche Welle Berlin-from the buildings of the former small motor plant in the VO bahnr in the Gegzundbrunnen (Berlin). In February 2012 at 6 a.m., Deutsche Welle was re-launched (after a temporary shutdown for revision), and yen time was referred to only as D-W on all channels. Moreover، the TV program underwent a major revision....
What is ENDESA ?
Empresa Nacional de Electricidad, S.A
Andesa (Endesa) is Spain's largest Electricity Transmission Company. The company a subsidiary of Italian company Enel offers an annual power generation capacity of 97 6 600 GWh to a network of 10 million customers in Spain.

energy electricity produced by , through fuel. nuclear, fossil fuels, etc. hydroelectric power plant, renewable energy supply can be.

part of the international , etc. also has over 10 million customers across Latin America and Europe, has been the production of this section, the equivalent of 80, 100 and gigawatt hours per year have been announced. On December 31, 2004, the company announced total clients of both the external and internal parts of the company totaling 2 22.2 million subscribers.

the largest shareholder of the company include: company cock milking (67٫05% percent), the company (25٫01% percent) and Banco Bilbao (2 of 9% percent)...
What is KEPCO ?
Korea Electric Power Corporation
Korea Electric Power Corporation (NYSE: KEP, KRX: 015760), better known as KEPCO (Hangul: 켑코) or Hanjeon (Hangul: 한전), is the largest electric utility in South Korea, responsible for the generation, transmission and distribution of electricity and the development of electric power projects including those in nuclear power, wind power and coal. KEPCO, through its subsidiaries, is responsible for 93% of Korea\'s electricity generation as of 2011. The South Korean government (directly and indirectly) owns a 51.11% share of KEPCO. Together with its affiliates and subsidiaries, KEPCO has an installed capacity of 65,383 MW. On the 2011 Fortune Global 500 ranking of the world\'s largest companies, KEPCO was ranked 271. KEPCO is a member of the World Energy Council, the World Nuclear Association and the World Association of Nuclear Operators. As of August 2011, KEPCO possesses an A+ credit rating with Fitch Ratings,[5] while Moody\'s has assigned KEPCO an A1 stable rating....
What is SSTL ?
Surrey Satellite Technology
Sari satellite is a British aerospace technology company founded in 1985....
What is KLM ?
Koniklijke Luchtvaart Maatschapij
KLM (L) is part of Air France-KLM. The company was the national airline of the Netherlands prior to the merger in Air France. Air France-KLM is a French - Dutch company that operates under French law and the main yen base is located near the Paris Charles de Gaulle airport. It is also the largest airline in Europe. KLM moved more than 6 million passengers in 2004. Air France-KLM is one of the main members of the sky cartel, the yenelance team. From other members of the cartel can be, Delta Airlines, etc. ., the airline, the airline check-in. ., the airlines, North West, Florida. and airline noted. Both Air France and KLM also fly with their own badge after the merger....
What is مرفوک ?
مرکز فرماندهی و کنترل
Command and Control Center and monitoring CCTV cameras in military barracks centers...
What is WNS ?
Wide Network Solutions
A British company is a satellite service provider....