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Acronym References

What is تكاب ?
كارخانه توليد اسناد بهادار
Vitrified documents, securities that under the set of the Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran. the
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What is محب ?
موسسه حمايت از بيماران
The Institute for the support of patients (respect), a nonprofit institution in the field of treatment. With the goal of "Health for all" modern methods, to the development of Health Services desirable for the community pays. From this institute, as the organization examples of non-governmental sponsor of research, and entrepreneur, is the premier national cum is.

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What is MTC ?
Mobile Telecommunications Company
Company mobile communication...
What is NTT ?
Nippon Telegraph and Telephone
Nippon Telegraph have a phone, which usually refer to one or t read., the telecommunications company is Japanese, which is a range of service lines, fixed telephone, network, mobile phone, internet services and broadband services, computer network services, digital TV, etc. to provide.

the company is headquartered in the city of Tokyo is located. In the latest rankings, Fortune magazine, the company-Nippon Telegraph have phone, etc. in the list of Fortune Global 500 in the rating of 29 of the largest companies in the world, took place.

due to the amount of income on an annual basis. the Japanese company Ann t t, as the largest company, Telecom Asia and the second largest company in the telecommunication industry, the world, can be considered.

While parts of the stock company, Nippon Telegraph, have phone, in the stock markets Tokyo, Japan stock exchange Osaka, Japan., Exchange, Nagoya, etc., exchange, Fukuoka, etc., exchange, Sapporo., the New York Stock Exchange and the London Stock Exchange is supplied, but the Japanese government, etc. continue to be the owner of one-third 1⁄3 of the total shares of the company....
What is MRV ?
Mario, Rubens, Vega
've , etc. (MRV), the company construction of Brazilian it is, that as the third big company building in Brazil to be known.

now The in 1979 launched and its main focus in the field of construction of residential apartments is. 've the only Brazilian company that has projects building homes in 85 cities of Brazil can be.

the company is headquartered in the city of Belo Horizonte, Brazil is located, and its shares in the stock market in Sao traded. Rubens the owner of a majority of the shares of the company The is....
What is USP ?
United States Pharmacopeia
Pharmacy United States...
What is مپتا ?
موسسه پژوهشی تدبیر اندیشان
Research Institute science " science" with the aim of improving the academic rank of the country and with the help of a collective of professionals from the top universities of the country like University of Tehran, Sharif, Iran science and industry, and.. proceed to accept and publish articles of students, professors and ... in prestigious journals, PubMed, Scopus, ISC, ISI, etc ... Due to the importance of inevitable having specialized articles for researchers, students and professors, this institute with the help of researchers and experts, the long process of writing, accepting and publishing articles will facilitate and expedite track....
What is آپ ?
آسان پرداخت
The company \"Easy Pay Halo\" in the Persian year 1388 as the company is a payment service provider (PSP), with the permission of the Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran was established. \"Easy Pay Halo\" by creating a team formidable of the forces of the human expert and experienced in the field of design and development of integrated systems of payments and utilizes technology security in the world and the tools of modern payment of various substrates, such as terminals Sale (POS), Pay mobile (Application, USSD) and the internet payment (IPG) has managed in the sphere of electronic banking and to serve e-government and active issues....
What is FIAT ?
Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino
Company, Fiat., the manufacturer of the car Turin...
What is ALFA ?
Anonima Lombarda Fabbrica Automobili
A company car Lombard...
What is شبریز ?
شرکت پالایش نفت تبریز
Oil refining company Tabriz ( tbzrefinery.co.ir )...
What is WSP ?
Williams Sale Partnership
Pi (WSP) engineering company is a Canadian, who is in the field of providing professional services and management consultant company, which provides.

the company the wake in 1959, was established and since purchased the American company Parsons in 2015, to the largest engineering services company in the world was. The company is headquartered in the city of Montréal is located, and part of its shares in the stock market, Toronto traded....
What is HEPCO ?
Heavy Equipment Production Company
Company heavy equipment production co. Hepco Ltd in Arak (HEPCO) in the sphere of Heavy Industries. The company is the first and largest factory to produce heavy equipment in Iran and the Middle East. Plus, the company manufacturers a variety of agricultural machinery and mineral also. Also able suitable share in the production of all kinds of wagons, etc. a variety of trucks and ... types of cranes, equipment industry, steel industry, copper, equipment, mining, equipment, power plants, equipment, dams, and equipment for the oil and gas industry gained.

production line equipped with advanced equipment includes tools, cutting, etc. welding, machine Milling as well as CNC machine is. It has the capacity to allow 2500 devices from various machines to produce and 20,000 tons of structural steel in the year of the spark.

This company as well as textile company, Tehran, Iran. the company value, the company tested the company and other companies after the Islamic Revolution, under the pretext of privatization destroyed and the recession is over....
What is ARAMCO ?
Arabian-American Company
Saudi Aramco, officially the Saudi Arabian Oil Company (formerly Arabian-American Oil Company), is a Saudi Arabian national petroleum and natural gas company based in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia.

It is one of the largest companies in the world by revenue, and according to accounts seen by Bloomberg News, the most profitable company in the world. Saudi Aramco has both the world\'s second-largest proven crude oil reserves, at more than 270 billion barrels (4.3×1010 m3), and second-largest daily oil production.

Saudi officials have backed an official figure of $2 trillion for Saudi Aramco\'s value. The company\'s financial data were leaked in April 2018, and according to Bloomberg\'s analysts the company could be valued at $1.2 trillion, a significantly lower sum.

Saudi Aramco operates the world\'s largest single hydrocarbon network, the Master Gas System. Its 2013 crude oil production total was 3.4 billion barrels (540,000,000 m3), and it manages over one hundred oil and gas fields in Saudi Arabia, including 288.4 trillion standard cubic feet (scf) of natural gas reserves. Saudi Aramco operates the Ghawar Field, the world\'s largest onshore oil field, and the Safaniya Field, the world\'s largest offshore oil field.

On 9 April 2019, Aramco has raised $12 billion of bonds. Its first international bond issue has received more than $100 billion in orders from foreign investors which breaks all records for a bond issue by an emerging market entity.

On Wednesday, 12 June 2019, Aramco has reported its net income at $111.1 billion in 2018 compared to $75.9 billion in 2017, this with total revenues at $355.9 billion in 2018. By first half of 2019, Aramco reported a net income of $46.9 billion....
What is D23 ?
Disney 1923
The Walt Disney Company, etc. (The Walt Disney Company - D23), the company Media Group, is an American, who, as one of the most significant companies in the media and entertainment world to be known. The central office of the Walt Disney Company and the main studio it is in the city of Burbank, California, are located.

the company on 16 October 1923 by Walt Disney and in partnership with his brother, Roy Oliver Disney, in the form of a small studio, animation, storage was established. The Walt Disney Company to speed the development of finds and to the one of the Hollywood studios became.

the company today, the owner of 14 the City game. a large TV network, including ABC, the network Disney., the ESPN and ABC Family, as well as subsidiaries and downline Walt Disney Pictures., the, Pixar, etc. Marvel it, etc., Lucas film, Hulu and Twentieth Century Fox are.[Citation needed]

This company is one of the members of the Dow Jones Industrial Average is. On December 14, 2017, and the Walt Disney Company, the bulk of the fax of the 21st century to value 52 of $ 4 billion purchased....
What is DJI ?
Da-Jiang Innovations
DJ Your or Company Innovation Science and technology company, Iran, Chinese based in the city of Shenzhen, Guangdong province, is. The company produces unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) for photography and filming, aerial, platforms, flying, camera, systems, thrusters, etc., stabilizers, cameras, and controllers flight deals. DJ your in the industry, aerial photography and drone civilians in World ago step is is 85% of the market, drone civilians to be allocated. Drone technology DJ iPhone, on a global level for the music industry, TV and cinema, including the collection, nominated for Emmy awards such as The Amazing Race, etc., Game Of Thrones, and many other categories have been utilized. Di GI company manufacturer of robot bird is a professional. This company originally is Chinese, and by Frank Wang in the year 2006 was established. Series Phantom that notoriety a lot on a global level, you build this company. DJI almost all rivals that at the professional level and above professional work alongside the IS and so far, many companies like , etc. Parrott and .. trying to compete with it have been. By the year 2019, DJ, your a pioneer of this industry, in ... forecast for the company, such as Wingsland and Xiaomi that on three items: options, quality, and price are the maneuvers are. the future of DJI's influence.

which Di Gi in the category multi-rotors, professional and extra-professional fall that the functionality and options it is based on operation of artificial intelligence.

the company in 2006 by Frank Wang has been established.

When the name DJ Your can notice. subconscious Phantom in our minds, the role closes. If the company's diverse products another also has produced. Usually Maples, who want a UAV professional of their choice to the scouting of the Phantom process, and regardless of performance, and type of use their own. buy your the glitch that repeatedly seeing errors like this we've been. In the following series of products DJI to concisely explain better with this brand familiar.

Tello : this product DJI and Ryze Robotics. Cheap and quality, two of the distinguishing features of it. cheap Tello with respect to the price is fantastic and can be with IT, experience imaging family, the figure ran.
spark : DJI Spark the cheapest product DJ iPhone with engines, brushless is that the software DJI Go 4 IT support. This multi-rotor almost all the capabilities and options of the basic expensive DJ iPhone, and the same theme it to one of the top sellers has become. Spark combo is one of the most suitable available in the world for people, nature, round . People excursions and family with the cost of many is very convenient.
trichome : a brand-DJI-Mavic introduced and entered the market. Features this series of products, DJ, iPhone, etc., folding or Foldable for being it. Different versions of the trichome, so far the launch has been that can be-Mavic Air and-Mavic 2 Pro noted. These two products due to the low volume and being portable, yet high-quality camera (4K) is the right option for excursions, etc., family, and documentary making. Imaging it is very professional and the price moderate to high and excellent options for personal use and some industrial remains.
Phantom : the most common the company's brand DJI Phantom version different it, together with the number counts are. Beginning in January of the year 2013 Phantom 1 foot to the world left today that speak of the Phantom is 5, the story continues. Helicopter shot of the Phantom more the choice of those who want to Parliaments imaging do. Nowadays, the series trichome from the same company, the choice between the two, the problem has. Despite the Phantom fans are committed of its own, but it must be said that with the introduction of the DJI-Mavic 2 PRO, and there's extra batteries, and the package cost-effective, selling this multi-rotor MILF in the world market is declining....
What is شما ?
شهدای مؤتلفه اسلامی
You weekly and organ of the party Islamic parties, the conservative Islamic Republic of) is. This publication by however, the ., the foundation lay. The owner points this week, the letter, the party IS Islamic. Manager responsible for it in the beginning, however, the and now, Mojtaba Khamenei, and its editor,., the chairman of the upturn.

You 16 pages to be published, including: Page, political page, economy, and development " page of the student....
What is همت ?
هسته‌های مقاومت تاکتیکی
Hemet publication was for the weekly, Iran released was. Publication world. a magazine affiliated to the Ansar Hezbollah, and its name stands for "the core of resistance Tactical" was.

A History of the publication of this week's letter to the year 1385 is concerned, but the first issue of the official this week, the letter that the owner of the rating that the Institute maintain and expansions of values of Sacred Defense was in September 1387 by the director of the original link, courtesy of and editorship of Ali released. Also, in the case of the publication name of the person to the name's reason behind that site, the modernization of the RAN, and later due to the insult to Hassan Khomeini, was banned, and the other Ali Badri from the Ansar Hezbollah Karaj was raised that the reason behind the claim rejected and Badri about it, the comment did not.

said to be this week's letter to Esfandiar Rahim Mashaei, is near, and manner, content and photo sharing, it to approach the campaign, this publication is attributed....
What is صمت ?
صنعت، معدن و تجارت
newspaper is that from year 1387 in Iran will be released, and the owner points it, \"the Cultural Institute press release the expansion of Industry, Mine and trade\", and the name of the newspaper also stands for \"industry and mine and trade\" is.

the first issue of the newspaper on 24 March 1387, with Gholam Islamic person as the first newspaper specialized in the field of Industry, Mine and trade of Iran was published. The newspaper in 27 1392 after 5 years of publication under the supervision of Alireza Shojaei, etc., stopped and after a pause of a few months, with a change of director (to Nasser the Great Seal) on 14 July 1393 with the name of the new expansion , etc. again, and it started its activity. The concessionaire of this newspaper, at date 1 Ordibehesht 1394 of organization development and renovation of Iranian industries () to the Cultural Institute press release the expansion of the industry, mine and trade () was assigned....
What is SME ?
Sony Music Entertainment
Sony (SME) is the largest firm publishing musical works from the four major publisher in the world. The company, by Sony Corporation of America operated.

the company in 1929 from the merger of several small company more, and with the name, The records began, and during the Great Depression, economic, Company, Colombia by records in 1934, was purchased. Now, The also in 1938 by the company CBS were purchased, which of your 10 by the company Colombia, forming, etc., but later had been sold.

in 17 November 1987, the Japanese company Sony record company CBS to the sum of 2 billion US dollar purchase.