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Acronym References

What is MBC ?

Middle east Broadcasting Center

The center plays the Middle East or refer to the MBC, a media company owned by Saudi Arabia, which is in the country of United Arab Emirates activity does, and since 2002, headquartered in Media City, Dubai in the United Arab Emirates is located.

MBC in 1993, the beginning of the activity.

the company has several network radio and television. These networks are the following:
- MBC 1, films and serials to the Arabic language
- MBC 2 is the first network of 24-hour free movie
- MBC 3, the children's network
- MBC 4, and Serial and showbiz American
- MBC Action, a network of 24-hour action film
- MBC Persia, etc. Special English speakers
- Homeland. News network and main competitor Al Jazeera
- MBC F. base radio MBC
- MBC MAX, network a 24-hour, similar to the MBC