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Acronym References

What is TA ?

Transactional Analysis

Analysis, transactional (transactional) or for (TA) is a theory in Psychology Social is that by Eric Berne, a psychiatrist with the Canadian to come there. In the last four decades the theory of Eric Berne way, in the field of psychotherapy, counseling and education there.

analysis of the behavior of the cross-a theory of psychology, is that by Dr. Eric Berne in the 1950's ad was presented in terms of its application in solving problems emotional and behavioral, accepted by society, psychology, located, and progressively in the fields of counseling, mental Mining, Department of Health, Management, sociology, etc. organizational development and education, theory, new, provide, and expand. Ambiguity and complexity in concepts, etc. specialized being, and long time treatment in other methods of psychotherapy, contributed to the analysis of the behavior of the cross with the basic concepts and Terms, simple, quickly, alternative methods of psychotherapy, was. Therefore, the analysis of the behavior of the cross generalized and wherever humans are present, and with each other create a relationship to the practical application will find and a tool for change and solve problems). Analysis of the behavior of a school of Applied Science in which to apply the complex concepts have been avoided, and views it to be pink and have been that easily it can be to see and experience.