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Acronym References

What is TIG ?

Tungsten Inert Gas

Principles of Arc Welding, tungsten covered gas saver
In this process, the practice of welding by the heat arising from electric arc between an electrode consumption of pleasure of tungsten (or alloy) and the workpiece are done. Electrodes and ... electric arc, and area, a pond, molten by a shielding gas (argon and. helium. mix both of the gas or mixture of each of the two gas with hydrogen gas) against the atmosphere to be protected. The use of the gases argon and helium due to the property of being neutral the gases.Gases, neutral with other elements ability to react are not, so in order to remove gases active, such as oxygen and nitrogen, from around the arches and ponds melt, etc. oxides and metal (Porosity), the ideal can be so can be seen from the figure, taking the observed porosities gas stop. The observed porosities, gas, etc. oxides and metal defects are, which reduces the mechanical properties of welding, including resistance to impact and tensile strength.