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What is NLA ?

National Library of Australia

National Library of Australia, in the city Canberra which is the capital of Australia is located. This library is the greatest library of Australia and one of the most important library, research, and referral of that country to the number comes.

history of the National Library of Australia to the year, the first day of the formation of the Federation of the states of the Commonwealth in 1901. In 1902, as the library of the first Parliament of the Commonwealth was established. Parliament found in the National Library like the US Library of Congress in the parliament, there will bring. At that time, "the library of the Parliament of the Commonwealth" to the Federal Assembly and to the people served. In 1927, etc., the National Library of Australia, along with the parliament, from Melbourne to Canberra was transferred. In the 1960's, legal matter, "National Library," officially, the National Library, from the library of Parliament separated in August 1968 a new building for the collection and services, a dramatic increase in the National Library, on the banks of the lake Bareli Griffin opened. In 1991, the design of the ground floor of the new building changes was given to the location, such as a visitors center and exhibit hall in its embedding. In this place, aspect, interesting from the collection of the National exhibited. In early 1994, etc. responsibilities of the National Library of Australia has developed this library established the "National Exhibition, face painting," Australia assumed. Now, independently, under the supervision of a council operated. Services Best later was separated from it, and now "best of Australia" to be independent activities.

National Library of Australia on five floors built and the different classes it contains the following sections:
▪ theatre - study hall oral history - study hall maps ▪ store - and a study hall for newspapers and , - restaurant, Exhibition Place, ▪ cafeteria - study hall manuscripts-the centre of jewellery ▪ deli - Study Hall Collection, Asian - lounge, study, main ▪ study hall materials Illustrated - study hall, film, and video

the main goals of the library services provide information, collect resources, library and preparation of . Expand and support the joint use of resources and cooperative services, maintenance and maintenance of library resources, other goals of this library.

the set library in the year 1991, totally about 4850000 includes 2700000 cover of the book. 10500 and 2 million .

of the basic activities of the library established a national network of common use of resources, in which about 8 million resource and 13 million the place kept there, and in addition, use of cataloguing, the library, all over the country for the common use of resources each other, and do a trustee, the library can help. In 1991, more than 1,100 library of features ABN have used. The National Library of the 1980's, plays a major role in guiding and tips to responsible. In 1988, the gathering librarians, Australia formed the alliance in which decisions about library services and notification to the year 2000 was taken. In 1992 at the conference "Towards federation 2001", which on the same basis was planned agenda of the meeting, similar to expand and control access to the set of Australia was prepared.

the entire staff, it is 589, of which 224 persons, IT expert, and expert.