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What is VCC ?

Voltage Common Collector

Power supply, power - a device for providing electrical energy to one or a few times, the consumer.

for even more precise, the task of power supply, receiving electrical energy from an energy source (electric, mechanical, etc., chemical, solar) and convert it to voltage, current, and frequency suitable for feeding load is. A source of regulated power (Regulated), etc. can be voltage or current of its output, to a certain extent almost fixed hold.

power supply may be a device separate or combined with the circuit of the consumer is. Usually, the features of the power supply include:
the amount of voltage and current, which can be time consumer of your provide.
the amount of sustainability of the voltage or current output in terms of different times.
a while, which can be energy without refueling or recharging provide. (Refer to power supplies that portable power sources to use)