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Acronym References

What is گد ?
The battalion is one of the units of the military. Usually 3 to 5 platoon, a battalion, and 3 to 5 battalions, with a regiment). From the perspective of lexical (lexical) words revolving collectors Persian term round to mean Poppa Delaware, doublet, and hero....
What is GEE ?
Generalized Estimating Equation
The equation estimates the overall...
What is BF ?
Basic Function
Test that in setting up oil refineries, and natural gas is carried out and for which the test sheet is completed....
What is ROC ?
Receiver Operating Characteristic
Characteristic curve the performance of the system, or curve, operating the recipient of a quantitative assessment in medical physics and Sciences video that ROC can be shown.

This method to compare the difference methods of imaging in medical physics, is used. In this method the goal is the ability of the pathology of a system exactly be evaluated therefore, from the criteria based on the judgment and decision of the entities is used....
What is MEDS ?
Multipurpose Electronic Display System
Name characteristics of the cockpit glass "system demo rigs E" (the Multipurpose Electronic Display System) which stands for the MEDS to be known.

the main part of the cockpit glass "system tools electronic flight" (EFIS) is called when data relating to the status of the plane during the flight, position and flight progress displays. First, in the aircraft, Boeing 737 Classic, Boeing 757, etc., to the Boeing 767-200 and the Airbus Serie A-300-600, the section of the cockpit with pages of computer and processor were replaced. Then in the planes newer, such as the Boeing 747-400., the Boeing 777, etc., Airbus, ASP-320, and all the new models, Airbus, etc. all the planes to the cockpit glass as well.

cockpit glass requires the presence of the engineer, fly in planes, the new fix made....
What is SPP ?
Security and Prosperity Partnership
Security, participation and welfare problems...
What is TBD ?
Tourism Business Division
tourism in the framework of the product, social place, and the production of space as centralize the function of Tourism considered. Hence, in the crystallization of a place tourism in facilities and services required by tourists, and features public sector and private, in the sense of the TBD can be examined.

the concept of TBD, "The Trade Department of tourism" by (1993) based on research that ., the New York and Ontario do. were raised. This term to describe the part of the city used of the in which the attraction of the interest of the visitors and services required, along with functions CBD, in the end their principles.On this basis TBD crystallization of the production of space tourism in the city. indeed, the use of tourists and leisure time consumption. spatial ordinary and real that by the capital to Baghdad under the domination. The formation, TBD, derived from the demand of the tourists, as an example, because they are demanding it are that the hotels in a place near the attractions of urban ك are, and along with it the services needed such as transportation, also in relation to the access and comfort them in a place provided.While the intentions of CBD, as well as centralize the services and facilities the formation of other services in secondary and background necessary for the development of it provides them. On this basis TBD the focus of activities, massive tourism can be, and in jobs the third group means the services in relation to tourism has a high percentage. In this place, the concentration of the administrative, services, financial and banking, etc. insurance and the agency of in relation to the Services awarded to tourists. In this regard, the volume of information surrounding tourism, and for tourism in dacryocystitis with communication resulting from the concentration of services in the TBD increases.The form below shows updated from TBD....
What is سمپ ?
سرعنوان‌های موضوعی پزشکی
Headings subject in medicine ( ) mesh, MeSHs Medical Subject Headings set lexical which is the National Library of Medicine, USA (NLM) created the indexing of articles, publications, and books biological sciences to serve.