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Acronym References

What is CFD ?
Computational Fluid Dynamics
Computational Fluid Dynamics, or C F, (CFD) is one of the branches of fluid mechanics that uses numerical analysis and numerical algorithms, etc. issues, including fluid, fluids to analysis. From computers to simulate the interaction of liquids and gases with surfaces, the boundary conditions used. This branch of fluid mechanics, the mechanics of the old to computer science and the capabilities of modern computing it in the second half of the twentieth century and in the century during New connects.

The Story of the Genesis and spread of Computational Fluid Dynamics can not be apart from the date of the invention. Vogue, etc. and the evolution of computers, the numbers cited. Until about the end of World War II, more practices related to solving fluid dynamics of the nature of the analytical or experimental). As with all innovation, outstanding scientific, in this case also refers to the exact time the beginning of Computational Fluid Dynamics . In most cases, the first job matters in this field to Richardson than. that in the year 1910 (ad) calculations related to how to broadcast the tension (stress distribution) in a dam made from building materials to financing.

In this work the Richardson method, the so-called relaxation (relaxation) to solve the Laplace equation used. He in this manner, the numerical solutions., the data provided come from the stage the previous iterations (iteration) to refresh all the values of the unknowns in a new step to work.
What is MST ?
Minimum Spanning Tree
Spanning tree minimum or tree spanning in the graph, the value (weight) can be built.

suppose the graph a graph is connective. (i.e. between two distinct vertices that a path exist), the order of a Spanning Tree of this graph is a tree that contains all vertices of this graph, but only some of the mane, it includes. The order of Spanning Tree minimum (for graph, the connective weight) is a tree that, tree, spanning it, the graph, the total weight of the Mane, and it is the lowest possible amount.To obtain a Spanning Tree optimized a graph are connected can be seen from the algorithm, different used.Three algorithms, known find spanning tree minimum include : the algorithm of Kruskal., the algorithm, prim., the algorithm (Sulin), the algorithm remove the reverse

in the issues that the goal of creating a network is to establish a relationship between any two members of its cost, must be addressed and we'll end up in the network between any two members of the communication ... spanning tree minimum, the same low-cost most network. For example, suppose in a country we want, so the road-building that can be seen from every city to every city another visit and the cost of the construction of the road between any two cities, we have(this cost can be a function based on the distance of 2 City, the climate between the two cities, the distance they are from the company, the way storage and ...). To find the most cost the way, should spanning tree minimum find.

in the algorithm Mane graph to the Ascending Sort. From the first (smallest) Mane started and any edges to the graph we add the condition that the round in the graph created is not. This routine will so continue until the Spanning Tree, the optimal form.

This algorithm the algorithm of prim for finding spanning tree minimum of a graph to who goes.This algorithm weight most weight sort can Mane established order selected .Operation when the terminate can make all the helm of the established time connected the number of edges contained in F equal to n-1 that n is the number of vertices. That in some books with the name of The raised....
What is PCM ?
Pulse-Code Modulation
Pulse code modulation, a way evokes, Digital an analog signal in telecommunication. In this modulation the large signal at fixed time intervals, and equal measured and then quantized. The result quantized signal of the analog-to face a member from a limited set visible (for example, a number between 0 to 255). It is the members of this set with an integer expressed have can be of methods, Telecommunication, Digital for storage, retrofitting, compared to the error and send a signal on the telco channel. From my Zune on the phone, digital, system, audio, digital, sound, computer, and some players sound digital used.

the quality of the result of this modulation to the two factors depends on: the speed of sampling and the number of levels quantized. A necessary condition for the speed of sampling is that the sampling frequency more than the frequency analog signal. Also, by increasing the number of levels, quantized, digital signal equivalent to the approximation better analog signal, the primary would be. In pulse code modulation, used in CD audio sampling frequency 44. the 1kHz and the number of levels, quantized, 65536 (equivalent to 16 bits). Application in cell phone : technology lines of Zune at mobile phone on the part, such as dsp, PSP for the audio used.Order, PSP (digital system processor) the location of controls and analysis of signals, digital audio and video, in part, Detection Systems, Analog and digital....
What is CBE ?
Commercial Bid Evaluation
Financial assessment suggestions offered in the tender...
What is C&F ?
Cargo & Freight
The price of the goods at the origin cost, packing and transportation to destination is the responsibility of the seller.