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What is IM ?
Information Management
Information management (IM), including management and collect information from one or more source and provide that information to one or more contacts. The management means to organize and control the structure, composition, and processing and presentation of information. During the 1970's, the management information is largely limited to image, repair and maintenance of files and manage the life cycle of file-based, paper, media and records. With the spread of Information Technology in the year 1970, work Information Management New Horizons found and started its activities in the field of repair and maintenance data. As information storage shifted Patrol to electronic devices, Management Information, hard and harder. In the late 1990's, when the regular information across a computer network and also by other means, electronic, released, network managers, etc. in a sense, managers of information were. Those individuals with increasingly complex tasks, hardware and software faced saw. With the latest tools available, information management into a source of powerful and costly for many organizations has become. Management information, as the ability of the whole organization about the creating, preservation, recovery, and accessible, making instant the right information, in the right places, etc. in the organization Field, in the hands of worthy people, with the lowest cost, in the best media, for use camera is described. ((Clamps)) in 1988, the same style, management, management information as the ((Coordination of economic, effective and functional integrity of the production, control, storage and retrieval and dissemination of information materials, the outer and the Inner in order to develop organizational performance)) describes. This is described in the landscape, etc. operations. with its careful management features (content, ownership, etc. supply., the parity) is not significantly to express store, equipment check, it and system it.

so, in summary, the key issue involved in Information Management, Management the(Bureau of) information Drake enterprise is information technology, modern to work. The concept of Information Systems the rapid growth of the computer technology., the passion of the human to get the help computers solve complex issues more.... Problems that are purely in the realm of activities narrowly and outwardly, especially in organizations. the past, was considered.

system information, asked always the largest organizations in the growing and dynamic. Need to get the Access right, quick, economic (affordable) devise ways to create, manage, and use databases in organizations makes it necessary for management information systems information, especially those related to the processes of decisions affecting the organization can as sources of organizational value to be considered. In simple language, we express, an information system is a system for the reception of the data information as a raw material and through one or more of the conversion process, production of information as a product. And includes elements of functional algorithm related to the organization and the environments it is:

get (understand): entering initial information, whether obtained or produced in an organization.
registered: the acquisition of physical information
check (flow): transmission according to the specific needs of the organization.
transfer: a stream that in a system information happen.
Save: predict some intended use in the future.
recovery: search recorded data.
presentation: reporting, communication and ....
In short, information management entails organizing, retrieving, etc. business, etc. securing and maintaining information. Manage information, share and communicate closely with management data....
What is AMSL ?
Above Mean Sea Level
of the procedures of the sea or the height of sea level is a term to the amount of the height of a complication or point on land or air from the surface, the average water refers.

this so-called knowledge, atmospheric, etc. Aeronautics, communications, remote and in the radiation of the radio to estimate the level of coverage of the waves is used. Features of the height of sea level can be:

1) every 1000 m increase in altitude., the 6-degree reduction in temperature
2) each 300 m increase in altitude., the UV rays of the sun, a 4% increase

What is IAMU ?
Interational Association Maritime University
The International Union for the University of marine...
What is MLC ?
Maritime Labor Convention
ILO's Maritime Labour Convention...
What is جنگال ?
جنگ الکترونیک
Electronic warfare or (short for electronic warfare) term military and indicate the use of electronics and electromagnetic waves in and includes radio communications, etc. causing a disruption in radio communications of the enemy, and bugging (eavesdropping) conversations of the enemy.

nowadays, the applications of New another, such as guiding persons and missiles with electronic devices to electronic warfare has been added. Device noise views, the radius of the original of this, including the host device that by creating density of the energy in the signal path is sent, and with added noise (noise) to it. the radar disrupt. Of course, it can be detected.

unit are trying mobility, each transmitter's discovered, the sound of each talker's recording, and any system, electronic, the Middle East region to destroy.

using the site, hears, animated, equipped with systems intercept watch out, eavesdropping, etc., recording and registration of transmitters active, the enemy, playback noise bugging and cheating, electronic special importance in such operations. Equipment, bugging, etc. systems , direction finder. radars and systems discover and intercept and of accessories unit ....
What is MOM ?
Minutes of Meeting
The summary talks at the meetings and the decisions adopted in the meeting minutes noted that, as MOM it remember....
What is RTD ?
Resistance Temperature Detector
RTD means of the detector the temperature of the resistance. RTD sort of variable resistance sensitive to temperature, which means temperature variations, etc. change. In fact, by measuring its resistance, etc. can be average, it determined. For this reason, this tool as a temperature sensor are used.

change the resistance of the thermistor circuit, the bridge accuracy measure.

the difference, RTD, and thermistor:
the thermistor, usually from the material, semi-conductive have been formed. RTD from metals or metal alloys are made.
domain feel RTD more from the thermistor.
changes resistance in proportion to temperature in a thermistor for non-linear and in RTD almost linear.
changes the resistance of the thermistor, much more than RTD.
the advantage of the above caused in the industries of precision instruments, advanced (like the PLC) more from the thermistor are used, but due to non-linearity, etc. in circuits, electronics, analog more of RTD used.

the most common type of RTD, the name of the PT100. PT100 explainer platinum as the sensor element and the resistance of 100 .. game, play online at zero degrees Celsius.

in the form of wire wrapping, basic PT100 shown that for distances of a few meters amounts accurate data transfer.

but if the measurement is too accurate, need not, or distance, it can be some wire in the integration of ... and circuits, three wire and two wire to work'....
What is RVP ?
Reid Vapor Pressure
Reduce the vapor pressure of the fluid, and deliver it to a RVP given as a characteristic of technical, ... in such a way that one of the two phases of the fluid to prevent.
RVP a certain method to specify the type of cuts hydrocarbon. in the method of Reid a fluid hydrocarbon in a chamber with variable pressure to be placed and the temperature oC 8/37 heated, after a while, push the top of the fluid proved to this pressure, RVP fluid can determine. In other words, the RVP can be used as the vapor pressure of the fluid in equilibrium with the liquid phase at a temperature (oF 100) oC 8/37, which is less than the ambient pressure can be defined in such a way that in terms of transfer and maintenance in the area of the single fuzzy liquid used. The amount of RVP in seasons warm and cold years due to the change in the amount of compounds forming the flow of hydrocarbon will vary this amount for the winter season, about psia 12 for the summer season about psia10....