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What is G ?
The phrase G in the menu elevator to the meaning of the ground floor can be. In some elevators, the expression for GF, i.e., ground floor or Ground Floor can be written....
What is آ.د.ک ?
آیین دادرسی کیفری
Code of Criminal Procedure sets the rules and regulations which is to discover the crime, the chase, defendant's preliminary research, etc., mediation., the peace between the parties, how to handle, the issuance of ratings., the way to protest votes, organization, judgment, etc. the implementation of the votes of the judiciary is to determine the duties and powers of the judicial authorities and of justice and observance of the rights of the accused, etc., a misdemeanor, and society has been....
What is رسا ?
رفتار سازمانی
This compendium lessons, "organizational behavior", that is at different levels of academic teaching. The equivalent of English it include: Organizational Behavior, or the brevity of it OB....
What is BLT ?
Build - Lease - Transfer
In the contract, BLT, etc. private capital towards the construction of the project action and the administration costs of private investment from the location of the credit project, under a conditions of the program agreement have been paid.

the ownership of the project after the expiration of the period again to state the....
What is MCS ?
Management Control System
Management control system (MCS), the system is that specific information in order to evaluate the performance of different sources of the enterprise such as resources, human, physical, financial, collects, and uses, as well as the organization as a whole organizational strategy takes into consideration. Robert N. Anthony (2007) management control as the process is defined in which managers, executives, or other members of the organization to implement organizational strategy affect. Systems control management tools to help management to steer the organization toward strategic objectives and competitive advantage can be. Management control is only one of the tools that managers in the implementation of strategies for the desired use. With this strategy through the control of the management, structure, organizational management, human resources and culture is implemented. Anthony and young (1999) management control system as a black box showed. Black box is a term used it to describe an operation that its exact nature cannot be observed, etc. can be used. System management control involves the behavior of managers can also be the behavior with equations can not be expressed. It is noted that the terms Management Accounting (MA), the accounting system management (MAS), the management control systems (MCS), and the control of organizational (OC) are sometimes interchangeably used....
What is EIS ?
Enterprise Information Strategy
Strategy, information organization...
What is EEM ?
Enterprise Engineering Methodology
Methodology engineering organization (EEM) methodology engineering organization bed organized, which provides the possibility to study on an organization and develop a strategy information organization (EIS) in line with organizational goals helps create....