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What is TBD ?
Tourism Business Division
tourism in the framework of the product, social place, and the production of space as centralize the function of Tourism considered. Hence, in the crystallization of a place tourism in facilities and services required by tourists, and features public sector and private, in the sense of the TBD can be examined.

the concept of TBD, "The Trade Department of tourism" by (1993) based on research that ., the New York and Ontario do. were raised. This term to describe the part of the city used of the in which the attraction of the interest of the visitors and services required, along with functions CBD, in the end their principles.On this basis TBD crystallization of the production of space tourism in the city. indeed, the use of tourists and leisure time consumption. spatial ordinary and real that by the capital to Baghdad under the domination. The formation, TBD, derived from the demand of the tourists, as an example, because they are demanding it are that the hotels in a place near the attractions of urban ك are, and along with it the services needed such as transportation, also in relation to the access and comfort them in a place provided.While the intentions of CBD, as well as centralize the services and facilities the formation of other services in secondary and background necessary for the development of it provides them. On this basis TBD the focus of activities, massive tourism can be, and in jobs the third group means the services in relation to tourism has a high percentage. In this place, the concentration of the administrative, services, financial and banking, etc. insurance and the agency of in relation to the Services awarded to tourists. In this regard, the volume of information surrounding tourism, and for tourism in dacryocystitis with communication resulting from the concentration of services in the TBD increases.The form below shows updated from TBD....
What is سمپ ?
سرعنوان‌های موضوعی پزشکی
Headings subject in medicine ( ) mesh, MeSHs Medical Subject Headings set lexical which is the National Library of Medicine, USA (NLM) created the indexing of articles, publications, and books biological sciences to serve.

What is TRORS ?
Total Rate Of Return Swap
Swap the total returns with the name of the other swap bank mutually beneficial or swap mutually beneficial or swap mutually beneficial, or how mutually beneficial that, in English, Total return swap, or TRS ,total rate of return swap, or TRORS, or Cash Settled Equity Swap is called a ... a contract is a financial that both types of credit risk and market risk an asset base (underlying asset) will pass. This contract is an agreement of swap, in which a side-payment based on a rate determined (fixed or variable) will perform the ... while the other side paying based on the returns and the return on an asset base (Basic), does that also include the income that the asset helps create, and to be an asset that you have achieved.

This contract to one side (for example, Bank B) allow the ownership of an asset economic benefits to be achieved without it, that its assets in the balance sheet and on the other hand, to the other side, etc. (for example, Bank A), the assets on its balance sheet. allow that the protection (insurance coverage) against losses in value it buys....
What is Qtum ?
Qtum (pronounced quantum) is a project by decentralizing the source is open, which aims to success in bitcoin. while bitcoin is in competition in the program of decentralized (DAPP) and the contract is smart. The goal of Quantum is that with the industrial partners work and the first transfer protocol exchange (VTP) to set up. This method is the need of everyday business simple and development easier.

quantum plans transfer protocol Exchange, new to the industry. Bitcoin by providing a network for the transfer of currency, the extraordinary service to the industry, trade and economy provide data and quantum want to the move the help.

Quantum is a global project that aims to create a bridge of communication between bitcoin users and , etc. in the world of block China. You may feel that the quantum only in the sphere of bitcoin and activity, while the group supported traditional companies, such as Baidu, etc., Alibaba, etc. Tencent., the NASDAQ and the rest of the platform, the block, China....
What is WYSWYS ?
What You Signed, What You See
Perform the operation a digital signature on a transaction, including through a communication channel such as the mobile network and using mobile phone etc. mobile signature is called. Technology, mobile signature to the citizens of this allows remote and distance the possibility of confirming a transaction, the electronic. Mobile signature can be information authentication identity of the mobile network at the disposal of a provider of online services, who provide services to, authentication, citizens need?. This signature should guarantee information other Olivia ' s by citizen, etc., the same transactions that in the request message signature and raised this as a matter of principle in the mobile signature is accepted. To this principle in the world. WYSWYS said to be. Mobile signature in different ways, such as by an application on the mobile phone, a sim smart card or to mediate a specific kind of memory, the SD may take place. In the following figure: scheme of the method based on the SIM card is displayed....
What is دادح ?
داده، اطلاعات، دانش، حکمت
Pyramid (DIKW pyramid) to models which refers to the relationship structural between data, information, knowledge (science) and wisdom (wisdom or wisdom) to work trend. Usually, each layer defining a pattern on the lower layer are defined. For example, the information to certain patterns of data is said to be, or knowledge skill by finding the template in the information and data that is based on a specialized field of this type of information and data are different.

all versions of the model includes these four components are not (the previous version of the layer data, not some new version lacks the layer of wisdom are), and some models parts have additional. In addition to the pyramid this relationship as hierarchy, etc., chain and framework, also known. For example, adding a layer of "fact" at the bottom of the most part, some references can be seen because the "given" reality of the war that is recorded....
What is PKM ?
Personal Knowledge Management
Knowledge management (PKM) is a collection of processes that a person to collect, classify, store, searching, retrieval and knowledge sharing in daily activities (Grundspenkis 2007) and the way in which these processes support work activities, During can be (Wright, 2005).

The answer is to the idea that employee knowledge increasingly need to take responsibility for growth and learning. (Smedley 2009) this is a bottom-up approach to knowledge management (KM). as the management of traditional knowledge, and more. from top to bottom is the opposite. (Pollard 2008)...
What is KM ?
Knowledge Management
Management knowledge, knowledge management or the management of the Reserve scientific (KM) mean accessible systematic information and reserve scientific. any time, when needed at the discretion of the people who need them. repositioned so that they can your everyday work more efficient and more effective. Knowledge management includes a series of strategies and solutions to identify, create, represent, playback and adapting insights and experiences in the organization. Executive management of the Reserve Scientific on these two components, the main building....