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Acronym Finder

What is VMI ?
Vendor Managed Inventory
The inventory managed by the vendor (VMI), a family of types of trade in which the buyer of a product, information, exact product, at the discretion of the seller, and the seller should be liable for the sales and inventory acceptable materials in stock, which is usually in place taking buyers (usually the shop) is totally responsible....
What is PPV ?
Pay Per View
Pay per view ( words, specialized in online advertising )...
What is APR ?
Annual Percentage Rate
Rate, percentage, annual, or Pi-R (APR) the interest rate for a year, determines, and to mortgage, loans, housing, credit card, etc apply. The rate of a finance charge is for an annual rate of Apply....
What is P ?
Be or power ( in math and physics )...
What is FOMO ?
Fear Of Missing Out
Means a fear of loss. Of the term in the space of digital currencies, etc. used when someone is worried about loosing profit, investment, or decision is....
What is SEAL ?
Sea, Air, Land
Sea, air, land (team member, Special Forces, United States Navy)...
What is LEE ?
Law Enforcement Exploring
Review the implementation of the law...
What is CGT ?
Capital Gains Tax
Capital gains tax, which is mainly for the acronym CGT is used, such a tax on the revenue of capital is aimed at reducing the amount of profits investing in the markets and parallel part production, obtaining the can be.

considering that the capital market into two parts: the productive and ., the split is often the state policies adopted are capital to the productive part (the manufacturing sector) guidance. The requirement would reduce the profitability of investment in the markets parallel the manufacturing sector. If the profits from investing in markets in parallel produce more of the profits arising from the investment in the manufacturing sector, the ... obviously, the funds wander to this side of the move will be.

one of the solutions to reduce profits, markets, parallel tax, etc. capital gains tax is. With the adoption of the tax percentage of our differentials increase profits, stocks, housing prices, and... by the state in the form of taxes will be received. So with the increase in the cost of investment in the sector, The the attractiveness of investing in these markets in parallel reduced.

for example, in the field of real estate as one of the most profitable markets in parallel, this type of tax in the form of "a tax on second homes, and more" the direction of control transaction and also prevent from the failure of the market for years, is that in many countries are taken....