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Acronym References

What is CIO ?

Chief Information Officer

Senior manager of Information Technology of the CIA (CIO) the title of the job is to the highest authority to decide a Administration or information technology departments in an organization. Reports this manager to the CEO (chief executive officer) or the CEO prepared and sent. Usually this is the director member of the senior executive of the organization. Technical skills the manager will not be for all organizations alike, determined, and every organization towards the mission and description of tasks. technical skills is the special for this side of the definition does.

in the past, technical skills such as Computer Science – Software Engineering or information systems for the the the mentioned. that is in no way Universal is not. Recently, management abilities desired for CIO's, sharp IQ, and commercial prospects, strategic and forefront on the skills characteristics of the person mentioned.

the role of the CIO to the senior manager, knowledge or CKO expansions are given (and hopefully not only with information but with knowledge also dealing). Also, the role of the CIO, sometimes with the senior director of technology or CTO replacement can be (director, CTO, usually more with the development and improvement of software and scientific research dealing. Life shelf-life of a CIO in an organization, usually 5. the 7 year income average person in the year at the American country 185. the 125 dollars. In a survey conducted in 2006, executives CIO by 41% stated that they looking for better position in other organization can be and is 59%, and also announced the position of another does not follow.