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What is VSQ ?

Vitamin String Quartet

Vitamin String Quartet (VSQ) that briefly he SS CU is said to be a music group stringed of Los Angeles. It's the reputation of their owe implementation re-works by famous artists, pop/rock music and release it in the form of album, Monument.

He feeds the CU piece with a set quartet stringed implement that part, with the musical instruments of another company. The Pan had more than 100 albums with the label, vitamin records-which belongs to themselves - have released.

the style of works that he forced Kyo to run the choice are limited to pop and rock, but works on groups, techno, etc. country, etc., rap, and readers, too, because Alicia Keys will be included. In 2009 the group album Per_Versions published that in addition to the things from Segou ، new age, and broken Sens multi-effects of the compositions themselves, as well as in it, was included.