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Acronym References

What is EQ ?
Words, the EQ, generally, in the control device ( including control of the TV. recording, and...) meant efforts fail or Huffington Post sound. To control the amount of bass and coarser sound....
What is WOO ?
Werke ohne Opuszahl
Woo to WoO, to mean "works without number of Opus") is a short-sighted, wrote of the genre know that for numbering some works without number "opus" Ludwig van Beethoven goes to work. For example, in the use of "Wu" or WoO., the specifications of the famous for the Elysee's to the German, this form can write:
WoO 59: Für Elise Klavierstück in a-Moll
WoO 59: Für Elise Bagatelle (Poco moto) in A minor...
What is KARMA ?
Kay Algorithmic Realtime Music Architecture
Karma to the meaning of architecture ك music (ك) is, of course, ك (Stephen Kay) the name of the wonderful originator of this technology can be.
ك a technology unique production ك information Maidi for the production of easy more music.

This technology for this purpose, designed to be in Live mode facilities of the following user code:
parts of a complex ك And ك
sounds natural and soft instruments, acoustic
How to play and battles, the particular guitar
ك random ( like the fret noise on the guitar and ...)
technology in the country, is a live ك ( something similar to the efficiency )
soft mode displacement between the notes when playing a musical instrument ( ) and.....

new facilities is just a tool valuable for use and engineers, sound it. but with the interactive interface and user-friendly make it possible to provide any user with any level of knowledge puts up to use it to pay....
What is SAX ?
Thang and the Sexy Sax (saxophone) is one of the instruments that are usually free rice is a similar clarinet there. A similar clarinet, etc. Thang and the Sexy Sax is also the hole that the musician, through the mechanism of the key, it can strap. When the musician, the key press can or key to drop it. to arrange the page the holes are placed, or the page of the hole is removed. This maker Adolphe Sax in the decade of 1840 invented and called her "thang and the Sexy Sax" was called.

Adolphe Sax, born in the city of Dinant (Dinant) in Belgium. He wanted a group of musical instruments to create that the most powerful and the best instruments to have. Mr. Sax., the Thang and the sexy sax on June 28, 1846 in two groups, each of which contains 7 maker was patented. Each group includes in different dimensions in order to carry.

Thang and the Sexy Sax among the instruments, wooden single tabs.

Thang and the Sexy Sax types like Thang and the Sexy Sax soprano., the Thang and the Sexy Sax Alto and Thang and the Sexy Sax tenor there is, that difference is in the scope of sounding them. Although this instrument was originally for Orchestra and category, Music, the military was prepared, but nowadays mostly in jazz music and friendly people goes to work....
What is NME ?
New Musical Express
De new can express act of war, or to the English music magazine (NME) the name of the magazine, with the theme of music in the UK is from April 1952 to be released. This magazine is the first magazine of the British was that the chart singles in their place. In the seventies, have become the best-selling music magazine in Great Britain....
What is EMO ?
Emo (Emo) one of the subdirectories, rock music, and out of the style of hardcore punk. The term emo (that "emotional hardcore" and "emocore" are said to be) the first to describe the works of the group, went to work that "track, the melodic" and "poems are emotional in and admit any" Shaun makes a difference is their from other genres of punk rock.

from the first works of music that in the formation of the emo, significant role was found to be from the album 1984, group, hardcore punk, Hüsker Dü, with the name Zen Arcade learn. This album is a breakthrough groups, the other was in the works to issue a more personal pay and listen listen build. In the middle years the 80's AD who was in the area of Washington, D.C. the first group of emo emerged that from among the it can be used to of spring and noted.

is that in poetry, artists, emo more to it, he would "defeat or failure in romantic relationships" is the way with poems, common, romantic, try to to arouse a sense of pity, the listener had love failed. Addressing such subjects triggered more audience, emo,,,,,,,.

In addition to music, the word emo to define a subculture that interest characteristic appearance, and behavioral special to themselves, is used. The term to describe the sort of special relationship among the artists, emo, and supporters, and aspects related to fashion, culture, and peculiarities of behavior their application....
What is ACL ?
Austin City Limits
Austin City celebrity to the ACL, one of the festivals there, music is important in the sleeves, Texas.

The Festival Cultural in 1976, was established and every year through direct broadcasting networks such as PBS to the Americans supplied.

bill Arhus (Bill Arhos) musician and founder of the group, on 11 April, 2015 at the age of 80 on the effect of heart disease, died....
What is SPL ?
Sound Pressure Level
The scale of the acoustically measured energy of sound . Usually in units of dB spl expression....