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Acronym References

What is MIDI ?
Musical Instrument Digital Interface
Midi (Mid or Midi stands for Musical Instrument Digital Interface means "interfaces, digital musical instruments"), one of the templates, record sound on your computer is that despite the passage of time, the veteran has not, and their usages have been preserved.

main application template MIDI in the music. In fact, a case Mid contains musical notes, etc. information related to any maker, curtains, interruption and all the information of specialized music in Oncogene. For this reason, having a proper schedule, etc. can all this information from the extracted file we and file select on an electronic instrument connected to the computer - like a synthesizer - in the same way that the builder file . player.

in the majority of computers have a port for MIDI, as part of the ports and input-output sound card available that can tools music attached to it and the music played for records MIDI recording. Also can Notes to write and maker of music, it's for us to compose.

files midi size is very small occupy, and this is also for them an advantage is accounted. This format in a lot of electronics gadgets, including a cell phone also the application....
What is DAW ?
Digital Audio Workstation
DAW or Digital Audio Workstation, in fact, the environment of the work of a composer in the digital age.

any home computer with software that the ability to record simultaneous multi-track got to be some kind DAW is considered, but in general the order of the words, is a system that has hardware ADC - DAC* high-quality software for composing, and a high amount of Ram and CPU....
What is OLP ?
Our Lady Peace
, Lady peas, which briefly ovale, PHP is said to be a group rock, Canadian, is that in 1992, in Toronto, was established. Rayon field. leader and rhythm guitarist, the group is from time established, without interruption in its presence. The rest of the members of the group, Jeremy (drums and percussion), etc., Duncan Coutts (bass), and Steve Maser ().

from the album, lady peas, Pan, had millions of copies all over the world to sell? 4 Juno Awards have been won and 10 bonus macho video have received, that this is the last of its kind a record to the account and comes up to now, no artist or music group else the number of the bonus from the macho not received.

, lady peas up to date, 7 studio albums, the 1 Live and 2 album collected works have published. From the album it, that in 1997 was published as ID music ovale, PHP, and the most well-known work will be remembered. It also singles The Best many have had. Album, elementary, lady peas often because the sound and style of the particular Shaun admired and have taken of the sound field. with the titles of "very flexible" and "truly unrivaled" is remembered.

first off, from the album 5 it's called gravity, which released in 2002 as "the starting point for the deviation group of the track works, their preliminary" and an album "Too pop" will be remembered. Field. to this issue, acknowledges, and gravity is very different from the previous works, lady peas, who knows. In 2001, Mike Turner () and Arnold Lanny (producer) of the group were separated and Bob Rock as the producer of the new ovale, PHP was introduced that this transformation also in the gradual change of style works, the next group has been effective.

the members of the group are now working on parts 8 album Their are is in 2011, to be published....
What is VSQ ?
Vitamin String Quartet
Vitamin String Quartet (VSQ) that briefly he SS CU is said to be a music group stringed of Los Angeles. It's the reputation of their owe implementation re-works by famous artists, pop/rock music and release it in the form of album, Monument.

He feeds the CU piece with a set quartet stringed implement that part, with the musical instruments of another company. The Pan had more than 100 albums with the label, vitamin records-which belongs to themselves - have released.

the style of works that he forced Kyo to run the choice are limited to pop and rock, but works on groups, techno, etc. country, etc., rap, and readers, too, because Alicia Keys will be included. In 2009 the group album Per_Versions published that in addition to the things from Segou ، new age, and broken Sens multi-effects of the compositions themselves, as well as in it, was included....
What is EST ?
Esbjörn Svensson Trio
for his actions, trios briefly that E. S. T. is said to be a group piano except the Swedish, which was in the year 1993, the foundation was laid.

the members of the group for his actions (the piano), the Dan David Larry (double bass) and Magnus Öström (drums) were. It works in the when they were published in Europe with massive success commercially and critically acclaimed, the face were. Album Gagarin's Point Of View that makes international reputation.SS.T. the first album, it was outside of the Nordic countries and with the label now, Akot is released.

for his actions, the pianist, and the leader of the group in June 2008 in a crash diving, died....
What is DCF ?
Dave Clark Five
Dave Clark Five (DCF) that briefly, thirty five, both said to be the name of a pop-rock band, that between the years 1957 to 1970's was active.

works, thirty-five in the distance, the years 1964 to 1967, and ... seventeen times to the table 40 songs best-selling days ... The song "Glad All Over" after the seven of the second group flow, suiting the British, who were to become one of the top sellers in the United States.

, thirty-five, who more than any British group another in showbiz on the Ed Sullivan program have run on March 10, 2008 to the Hall of Fame rock and roll ...
What is ELO ?
Electric Light Orchestra
Electric Light (ELO), which refer to El, he is said to be a British rock group from Birmingham, who was in the 1970's Foundation was laid. Members, founder, El, He, Jeff Lane, the wood, etc., Bo Bowen and Steve . It's from 1971 until 1986, eleven studio album, released in 2001, the twelfth and last album of their. Jeff Lynne and the wood, El her with the idea of making the pieces, rock and pop, modern, inspired by classical music, formed. Then that Wood in 1972 after recording the first album, the group left. Jeff Lane, the writing and setting of the song, the group undertook and the producer of all the albums, El, he, too, himself....
What is WMAs ?
World Music Awards
Awards world music (WMAs) held a world is that each year the top artists of the World Music Award....