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What is CEC ?

Consumer Electronics Control

The CEC is a feature of HDMI that allows the user up to a maximum of 15, the device has a CEC that through HDMI connected to each other, they disappear. command and data control, only with the use of one of the controls from the remote (for example) to control the TV. box and DVD players only using the TV remote control). it also allows devices with CEC to command and control each other without user intervention.: §CEC-3.1.< < > this is a one-wire two-way Serial Bus based on the standard protocolll L L L to perform remote control functions.[46] wiring is mandatory ، although implementation in a product is optional.: §8.1 in the profile HDMI 1.0 defined in HDMI 1.2, etc., HDMI 1.2 a and HDMI 1.3 a is updated (that timer and voice commands to the bass).: §§CEC-1.2,CEC-1.3,CEC-3.1,CEC-5 adapters USB to CEC are to the computer to allow devices with CEC control.