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Acronym References

What is CSNY ?
Crosby Stills Nash Young
Crosby., The Stiles have NASH A folk rock, American, is that in the beginning, David Crosby, etc., Stephen Stiles, and Graham Nash, members of it formed, after, and, later, by joining Neil Young-as a member of the new specially - to gather the members of the group named Sean to Crosby, and ... Stiles., the Nash, have yang or the abbreviation si MSN wow Change found.

before the formation of Crosby, and ... Stiles., the Nash, have Yang in 1968, the "Graham Nash" at the Department of membership. "David Crosby," in de brdz and Stephen Stiles" and "Neil Young" in a group called Buffalo Springfield. It's the first the history of rock music.

it's more because of the way the complex also phonetic, Sean (harmony, reading), activities, political group members, and background and change the music and culture of America are well-known....
What is LMFAO ?
Laughing My Fat Ass Off
El! F. (LMFAO); and a group of electro-hop, American are the two DJ and rapper called Fire " (original name: Stephen Kendall , born September 3, 1975) and sky blue (the original name: Sky ler , born August 23, 1986) is formed. Fire " the uncle of Sky Blu. Fire " and Sky Blu, respectively, son and grandson of Berry , one of the most big people in the music industry and the founder Company, Music Publishing, Motown Records. The group in the year 2006 in the city of Los Angeles, California, began.

El the F O under the influence of a wide range of featured artists like Tupac Shakur, the ... James Brown and Michael Jackson and featured rock like The Beatles and Led Zeppelin. Also, both of those are from fans, O-ring,, Michael Jackson are more dance movements themselves from Michael imitation. It is noted that the fire " for legal brother, the former Jermaine Jackson (the Michael Jackson) and his son Jermaine Jackson.

topics, poems, and songs, this group more about party, party and liquor being a vegetarian. Of the most important songs of the group "Gettin Over You" with David at the farm, and Fergie, and the song "Anthem, Party Rock" (Party Rock Anthem), which was in many countries of the world number one....
What is JB ?
Jonas Brothers
Jonas Brothers (JB) the name of a music group of Americans. This group of boys in a program, Special Kids Network, Disney, to fame arrived. They are from the city , New Jersey began. The group started by three brothers named, Kevin Jonas, Joe Joe Jonas, and Nick Jonas was formed. Them from 2006 to 2008, the music album to the market supply. Group The Jonas Brothers is one of the candidates to the award music videos MTV 2008....
What is SP ?
Snow Patrol
Snow Patrol (SP), a rock band, Irish, is that in 1994 at the University of Dundee, Scotland was formed....
What is IM ?
Iron Maiden
Iron Maiden (IM), the name of a band, Heavy Metal, British (East London) is that in the year 1975 by composer and musician, guitar, bass, Steve Harris, etc. were formed. From the date of the formation of the band up to today collection, 35 albums from this band, released 14 studio albums, the ... 9 albums, live performances, etc. 4 album. and 8 albums have been gathered, re-are. Iron Maiden the manufacturer, New Wave, heavy metal, British know....
What is BC ?
Bad Company
Bad Company or bad (BC) rock band, which in 1973 was formed, and today, as one of the most famous and most popular rock groups can be considered...