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What is PRP ?

Platelet Rich Plasma

Iodine is a thick blood transfusion that contains a very high percentage of platelets. Platelets are molecules with natural regenerative properties. the platelets in iodine contain several growth factors that help repair the iodine tissues seen in the body. The use of these growth factors has positive effects in speeding up tissue repair and preventing the aging process. Iodine can be effective in many branches of medicine, such as the beauty and health of skin and hair.

in recent years, the use of the method of PRP or plasma rich in platelets, in addition to the other treatments of infertility such as IVF to achieve goals, such as increasing the quality of eggs. increasing the thickness of the wall of the uterus and increase the acceptance of the endometrium. has increased. Although there are still no definitive results of the effect of this method on increasing the likelihood of successful infertility treatments, the use of iodine is increasing day by day.