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What is VM ?

Virtual machine

In Computer Science the virtual machine (VM) that is on a computer can be implemented. This implement is thought to be a real computer running programs, yogurt.

a virtual machine, in the beginning, by Popek and Goldberg for "a copied version of a real car, etc. for Kara, and the isolated" was defined. Use current, virtual machines will be included which have no connection with the real hardware don't.

virtual machines, based on use and degree of relationship to the real car, the two main categories are divided. A virtual machine system, an infrastructure computational the perfect provides that from execution of a complete operating system support. In contrast, a virtual machine process, for the implementation of a program unit designed, that this means that merely a particular process support. An important characteristic of a virtual machine, this is the software that within it are running, etc., with sources and levels of abstraction, by which the virtual machine is applied, etc. is restricted – i.e. can't be from the virtual world out.