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What is VPS ?

Virtual Private Server

VPS or virtual dedicated server performance like a server completely dedicated. With the difference that the server resources are shared between virtual servers. The cost of the server, virtual dedicated vs dedicated servers is much lower and has been for most purposes is very cost-effective than other strategies are.

In fact, virtual dedicated server (VPS) answers to the requirements the ones that want to business your web completely independent and without any intermediaries setup.

VPS femdom is that the more features a real server has, but about its hardware by the software for for Virtual have been set.

virtual dedicated server is suitable for those who are in to a dedicated server (Dedicated Server) in order to the website or the website of your demands. but be or the justified economic rent a dedicated server, perfect. Also, a VPS compared to a dedicated server, the equivalent of your hardware resources, etc. due to the use of better hardware in the server, and access to additional resources in the shared hardware. has better performance and higher.