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Acronym References

What is SUMS ?

Shiraz University of Medical Sciences

University of Medical Sciences, Shiraz, one of Iran.

the core of the early University of Medical Sciences, Shiraz, Iran with the establishment of the Institutes of Higher Education Infirmary, in the year 1325 in order to train professionals over the course of four was formed. The first period, the center responsible for the forces expressed the sacrifice was laid, that after the return of the American University of Beirut, a lot of parts of the hospital, according to a well-developed alliance.

in the year 1328 that Institutes of Higher Education Infirmary to medical school, become, Patrol, etc. of this institution, in addition to the other faculty of the University of Shiraz, under the supervision of the University of Pennsylvania began to work. and up to the year 1357 with the university relations is very near.

in the year 1332 Institutes of Higher Education Nursing Namazi as the second set, training medical personnel, was formed; or that the school in year 1355 to the school of nursing upgrade found. Looking for the College in the intervals of other other College of Medical Sciences was formed. To follow the passage of the bill establishing a Ministry of health, treatment and medical education, and in order to use desirable and harmonious of medical facilities in order to secure and generalization health, treatment, education and research. Shiraz University of Medical Sciences from Shiraz University, merged and of the year 1373 with the integration of the regional organization of Health in the province at the University of Medical Sciences, the university, under the title University of Medical Sciences and health services, Fars province entity found.

in 2009, rural areas of the state of Mississippi, American from Shiraz University of Medical Sciences in order to provide patterns of health services in the villages request the conversation. In this representation between the University and Jacksonville State University Exchange). The state of Mississippi, always looking for ways to provide health services to rural areas with low costs.