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What is STL ?

Standard Template Library

The standard template library (l) is a software library for the programming language which has undergone many parts of the standard library..

standard library four components are:

STL set classes common to C, such as containers and associative arrays, that offers can be used with any type of Interior, and with any type defined by the user that some operations, primary support (such as copying and assignment) should be used. Algorithms not independent of containers significantly reduce the complexity of the library. < < >l >L >L it achieves its results using patterns. This approach to polymorphism compile-time offers, which are often more efficient than multi-form traditional run-time. Modern yen compilers are set to minimize errors using yen.

STL as the first library of algorithms and General Data Structures for C, with four ideas in mind, is created: the programming world. abstraction without losing performance, the architecture of von Neumann and Value semantics.