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What is VD ?

Valentine Day

Valentine's day, which is also called the day of love or Valentine's day, also known, in culture, Christian Century, the Middle East, and then of modern Western culture the day of expressing love, which is for annually-held. On this occasion every year on February 14 to be held. History of Valentin's day the celebration is in honor of Saint Valentin in Catholic churches held, etc., returns. Valentin's day is derived from the traditions of ancient Rome and Christianity can be. This expression of love, usually by sending cards, Valentin, or buy gifts such as roses, can be done.

the word "Saint Valentine", a priest, a temple near Rome, or aging, ancestor, then, was on 14 February 269 AD, to the command of the emperor second, and because of the help to the young Christian, the valley of the warmth in. ك and woman for marriage, was beheaded. But the inhabitants of Rome, the priest wishes to do not, and even synod to remember her name this was. Gradually, also, Valentine, the patron saint of lovers, became.