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Acronym References

What is A3 ?
Anywhere, Anytime, Any place
This phrase in the chat or conversations with you. to the meaning (wherever, at any time and any place) can be....
What is ATM ?
At The Moment
This phrase in the chat or conversations internet, meaning (now) are....
What is GFE ?
Girl Friend Experience
The Girlfriend Experience previous...
What is LGBTI ?
Intersex and LGBT
People black (InterSex) with the peculiarities of sex, such as genitalia, etc. (sex gland), and patterns of chromosomal are born, which, according to the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, the UN etc. definitions, typical for the body, male and female, do not. the

the relationship between sexual relations with lesbians, gay etc. bisexual and trans communities is complicated, and a lot of people in sexual relationships, straight and gay, but the people, transvestites, often to create community LGBTI to LGBT are added....
What is LGBQAI ?
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Queer, Asexual, Intersex
Lesbians, gay, bisexual and ... exotic ... , two unisexual...
What is XAU ?
Index of Aurum
The term XAU as code Vox gold in Forex can be used in such a way that from X as Index and gold or gold with chemical Au the name of a element. The gold metal is soft and dense, and malleable bright yellow and shiny, which is in the vicinity of the air and the water, does not rust and dark not to be. Chemically, gold metal mediator that is in the Group 11 of the periodic table, rather than one of reaction the most elements solid under standard conditions is. So can this metal in pure form in nature for a seed or a piece in the midst of rocks, minerals, the crystalline, and the material, the settling of the alluvial finds. Also among the minerals for combination with other elements, especially been seen, but not abundant. The symbol of this chemical element is Au from the Latin name it aurum, meaning "glow of Dawn" is taken....
What is ETA ?
Estimated Time of Arrival
An approximate time of Arrival, or the delivery of spam...
What is NEWS ?
North, East, West, South
Namely, the news from the north, south, east and West, comes (compass points)...