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Acronym References

What is که ?
The phrase completed in Persian means mountain....
What is سپه ?
The abbreviation for Sepah in Persian means Corps....
What is پار ?
The acronym Parr means last year, parine, last year....
What is گه ?
Occasionally, the noun sign of time, which comes at the end of the word, is like the evening of the morning, and the noun sign of the place is also like the University, the Tomb....
What is FUD ?
Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt
FUD is a kind of commercial fan, and in English the acronym for three words means "fear, uncertainty and doubt"....
What is SAO ?
Sword Art Online
Sword Art Online is a Japanese sword art collection written by Ricky kavahara and illustrated by abec. The print of this story series began on April 10, 2009 under the brand dengki bonko from ASCII Media Works. From this series, a LightNew title and five manga titles are derived.

a collection of TV anime 25 Partly also based on the story by the studio a-1 Pictures and directed by ito permission for an adaptation that took place from July to December, 2012. The second season of the series entitled The Art of swordsmanship Online 2 was released in number 24 episodes from July to December 2014. A derivative anime series also called Sword Art Online Alternative Gan Gil was aired online in twelve episodes from April to June 2018. The third chapter of the series entitled Sword Art Online: Allisation (Sword Art Online: Alicization) began from October 6, 2018 and continued until March 30, 2019. The second part of the third season, with the name of the - War world, and the underworld was supposed to be in April 2020 will be broadcast, but because of the coronavirus postponed from July 11, 2020 in is playing. Several video games based on this series are available for various consoles such as PlayStation mobile, PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 3....