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Acronym References

What is WWD ?
World Water Day
World Water Day coincides with the second Persian every year (22 March) and the United Nations is named. World Water Day, first time in the year 1992 ad, in the conference on Environment and development the United Nations in the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil officially was raised. In this conference, all countries are asked in line with the implementation of Statement No. 21 the UN, this day as the day promote and inform people about water allocate....
What is IMLD ?
International Mother Language Day
On 21 February (2 March) on behalf of UNESCO as International Mother Language Day (IMLD) is named. The naming of this day in the General Conference of UNESCO in 1999, to contribute to linguistic and cultural diversity has been done. The UN General Assembly is also due to the importance of it. the year 2008 International Year of languages declared.

because of the naming International Mother Language Day started when in 1952 the students in the various universities in the city of Dhaka, the capital of modern Bangladesh at that time, Pakistan was called, and still independent, was not, including students from the University of Dhaka and School of medicine it trying to nationalization of the Bengali language as the second language of Pakistan (alongside Urdu) demonstration peaceful in this city, however, they. Looking for this move the students, the police shooting them has, some of them cultivated. After the independence of Bangladesh from Pakistan, and at the request of the country, for the first time, the organization UNESCO on 17 November 1999 on 21 February, the equal second and sometimes a third Reuters) - the International Mother Language Day, unpacking, and from the year 2000 this day in the most countries cherish to be and programs in connection with this day will be held.

Also in Iran for the first time on the occasion of International Mother Language Day, a second march year 82 equal to 21 February 2004, was held at the University of Science and technology, by students leaving university was held in Tehran....
What is VD ?
Valentine Day
Valentine's day, which is also called the day of love or Valentine's day, also known, in culture, Christian Century, the Middle East, and then of modern Western culture the day of expressing love, which is for annually-held. On this occasion every year on February 14 to be held. History of Valentin's day the celebration is in honor of Saint Valentin in Catholic churches held, etc., returns. Valentin's day is derived from the traditions of ancient Rome and Christianity can be. This expression of love, usually by sending cards, Valentin, or buy gifts such as roses, can be done.

the word "Saint Valentine", a priest, a temple near Rome, or aging, ancestor, then, was on 14 February 269 AD, to the command of the emperor second, and because of the help to the young Christian, the valley of the warmth in. ك and woman for marriage, was beheaded. But the inhabitants of Rome, the priest wishes to do not, and even synod to remember her name this was. Gradually, also, Valentine, the patron saint of lovers, became....
What is HSC ?
Health and Safety Executive
Friend pain E. (HSE) of the three words, health, safety and environment is formed....
What is PTA ?
Prevention of Terrorism Act
Law on the Prevention of terrorism (PTA) is a law in Sri Lanka. This law into force allowing the police to seek suspects in them. it is arrested and detained it. This law for the first time in 1979, as a rule, temporary presidential decree Richard adopted and then in 1982, the Permanent was.

based on the law on the Prevention of terrorism, Sri Lanka (PTA), a person can be for a maximum of 18 months (that's once every three months based on a sentence-renewable) is arrested. This in the event that the minister of this century have, or that doubt is personal in any illegal activity involved or associated. Illegal activity even involves pasting posters on the wall, which can be as much as death penalty cases be used.

the crimes, for which the ordinary laws of the country defined are also defined were. For example, if a person deems that the location of a terrorist (terrorist-in-law is not specified) where is and if such a person fails to the police notice, he committed a crime that a decree equal to a minimum of 5 years in prison would be. If the "terrorists" in house person for a night stay, then the person commits harboring terrorists is punishable by a maximum twenty years in prison would be.

although the law on the Prevention of terrorism for the whole of Sri Lanka is, but its application to Tamil and especially the youth is in Tamil. From the time of its adoption in 1979, etc. a large number of civilians Tamil, including students and activists of the philanthropist to The Shape of cruel repression, and under torture systematically located and many of which are also have been killed.

cases ridiculous, there are judges, the court ordered that the detainees into the prison to be transferred to, name it, and entered the offices of the Register of the prison be. Then the provisions of the law was used and held for torture in the camps of the Army passed. For operation under this law, typically the camps of the army for detention are used. This camp because of having the "cells of torture" notorious were. In a camp the army, it even loops and other tools for torture were made....
What is RMB ?
Ren Min Bi
Renminbi (人民币) money the official China is the original, it is also yuan. This is the money legally in mainland China is common, but in Hong Kong and Macau are not common. The literal meaning of "renminbi" currency of the people.

the second series of banknotes of the renminbi, which from 1955 common were the name of the people's Republic of China to the language and Tibetan and Mongolian was written. This method, from that period up to now is continued....
What is FNA ?
Flora of North America North of Mexico
Plants of North America (usually in the form of a summary of FNA refer to it in.) book a few cutaneous is native plants of North America describes. More plants for are available online. Expected after the completion of their number to 30 volumes, reach, and the first thing is to include all plants known in Mexico.

In this work, over 800 author via the web work....
What is PCT ?
Patent Cooperation Treaty
Patent Cooperation Treaty PCT international treaty is the International Organization for intellectual property WIPO activities, and does its main office in the city of Geneva. Based on this treaty, if invention in the PCT be recorded, it is possible to support it in all member countries there. In simple language, the more the inventor only with the presentation of a declaration can be the process of registration in all member countries based on the same declaration, and according to the right prior to the first disclosure, it continue.

treaty PCT for the first time, in 1970, in the city of Washington was concluded in 1978, the number of its members to the 18-Country region. Now (2017) 152 countries, including developed countries and developing countries parties to the treaty are the conditions of use of the benefits of international support of the invention for the members of their provide.

bill accession of the country to this treaty in the year 1386 solar system in the parliament was approved, but due to lack of facilities, and prepared for the absence of infrastructure, the executive necessary, in the month of Mehr 1392 solar joining the treaty, the executive was.

hit the inventions recorded in the Patent Cooperation Treaty in the year 2016, which is organized by the World Intellectual Property WIPO published shows companies, manufacturers, technology, digital top record producers invented in this treaty have been. Companies like ZTE, HUAWEI , QUALCOMM, MITSUBISHI, LG, HP, INTEL, BOE, SAMSUNG and SONY de company of has been more innovation in the year 2016, the report said....