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Acronym References

What is روبه ?
Foxes are animals of the canine genus that live almost everywhere in the world and on all continents except the Antarctic. Foxes also live in the Arctic, in the arid plains, in the deserts of Africa, and in the Middle East, in the deserts and on the arid plains. Red foxes are found in Europe, Africa, and in Asia and North America....
What is EXCL ?
In some store invoices and websites, the term excl means not included. For example, excl vat does not include tax....
What is INCL ?
In some store invoices and websites, the phrase incl means inclusive. For example, incl vat means price including tax....
What is PDT ?
Pacific Daylight Time
Pacific Time Zone (GMT-0700)...
What is HDF ?
High Density Fibreboard
HDF stands for High Density Fiberboard, which is a wood product. HDF is a type of fiberboard that is produced by dry method. Its density is more than 800 kg per cubic meter....
What is هکسره ?
هه کسره
Wrong and inappropriate use of the role of additional view in Persian writings that are written as a colloquial language, especially in online writings, which is known as Hexareh among the public. This error is generally seen in the use of the letter "e" instead of the fraction and vice versa; For example, use the phrase "my book" instead of its correct form, "my book" or "my book." At the end of the sentence, sometimes the fraction may be used incorrectly instead of "is" instead of "is" or "is"....