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Acronym References

What is BSOD ?

Blue Screen Of Death

Page BSOD, usually when they appear to be an error of critical in the computer occur, turn off the system in front of the possible to be taken. BSOD or the Blue Screen of Death screen error blue tint that is usually when the error of the hardware in the RAM or drivers, etc. Error software in the registry windows and damage to files of dll, zinc. Company Microsoft year free that are upgrading the operating system Windows, but still the problem to solve is not. Problem that on systems other factors, such as Linux or Apple ك less can be seen.
in the operating system of Windows based on the NT record incorrect hardware or performance incorrect causes them displaying this page. In Series 9 x, there is a file of dll incompatibilities or bugs in the Internal at the core of the operating system, etc. can cause a page of blue.
of course, but physical, such as damage to memory, changing voltage, power, etc. going up is the temperature of the hardware., the manuscript of electricity to, or other hardware, or work paint more than be a hardware also cause which page of the water in all the operating system are based on Windows from version 3.1 onwards.

in a, general view of this page can be the reasons many have, that the most important, they used to
1– thus, software (for example, damage see drivers)
2– thus, hardware