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Acronym References

What is ANG ?
National football team Angola, the representative of Angola in international competitions, and the African is under the supervision of the Football Federation, Angola, activities can help.

the first official game the team on June 1, 1977 establishments against the national football team, Cuba have been held....
What is ALG ?
National football team Algeria team football is that in international competition, the representative of Algeria. Algeria twice in a row in 1982 and 1986 World Cup, the company has. The team also defeating the Egyptian national team in the playoff game to the 2010 football World Cup climbed on and in the 2014 FIFA World Cup was the second stage of reach....
What is ALB ?
National football team of Albania, a team of international football that represented the country of Albania goes to the field. This team, under the supervision of the Union of soccer of Albania activity....
What is AFG ?
Afghanistan national football team a football team is Asian, that in the division of the AFC in the Central Asian region are placed. This team, under the supervision of the Football Federation of Afghanistan activity. Home games the team in the stadium Ghazi cable held....
What is SAU ?
Saudi Arabia
SUA stands for National Football Team Saudi Arabia, the country representative of Saudi Arabia in international competitions, soccer is the Football Federation of the country's activity.

of honours, the team can be 3 Championship title in the AFC Asian Cup in the year 1984., the 1988 and 1996 and 5 the period of presence in the World Cup Football noted....
What is KIR ?
National football team Kiribati representative of the country of Kiribati in the international tournament that the Football Federation of Ukraine activity.

the first official game of the team on 22 August 1979 was against the national football team Papua New Guinea have been held....
What is SMR ?
San Marino
National football team of San Marino of the national teams in Europe is. The national team of San Marino are the weakest team in Europe and the world....
What is NED ?
National Football Team Netherlands representative football the Netherlands in international competitions, which, by the Football Union, the Royal Netherlands can be operated, and one of the members of the Union of European football associations is.

The Football Federation of the Netherlands (KNVB means the Football Federation of the Royal Netherlands its activity from the year 1905 began....