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Acronym References

What is BFA ?
Burkina Faso
National football team, Burkina Faso, the representative of the country Burkina Faso in international competitions and are under the supervision of the Football Federation of Burkina Faso activity.

the first official game of the team on April 13, 1960 ad against the national football team Gabon, has been held....
What is CONMEBOL ?
Confederación Sudamericana de Fútbol
The Confederation of South American Football, known as (CONMEBOL) the entity governing the sport of soccer in South America and one of the continental confederation of FIFA is. The headquarters of The in Paraguay is the oldest Confederation of the continental world can be considered.

the task holding and administering and guiding the international competitions of football in the continent of South America. Team member of the confederation, so far, 9 times champion of the World Cup football (national football team Brazil 5 times and Argentina and Uruguay each have two) and four-time champion of Olympic football (Argentina and Uruguay, each of which twice) have been the teams in the club, it is also 22 times conqueror of the Cup, Intercontinental and three times hero of the World Club Cup have been. Copa America, the most important football tournament in the category national in this continent that every two years, by held and the oldest soccer tournament in the world that is yet to be held.

The Confederation in 1916, has been established and only 10 members is the smallest football confederation is born. From among the countries of South American continent, three countries French Guiana (from the realms of cross-border France), the Guyana, and Surinam to membership on Terra, and due to the commonality of most historical, cultural, and sports member of the CONCACAF (confederation North America, Central and the Caribbean region) have been. Quotas the Confederation for the FIFA World Cup 2026 six teams and a play off the original, " he said....
What is WAFF ?
West Asian Football Federation
The West Asia Football Federation (WAFF) is the Union of Federation of football countries in the region, West Asia is that in the year 2000 was formed. This institution held a football championship West Asian men and women. The headquarters of the federation in the world. the capital of Jordan is head of it, Prince Ali bin Hussein, brother of the king of Jordan.

in the year 2000 AD, competitions, football in Jordan with Company, national teams, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, Kyrgyzstan, and Kazakhstan was held. On the sidelines of this game, the idea of forming beauty that the Association of the countries of West Asia will boost the Jordan was raised and welcomed by Mohsen Safai Farahani, the president, the time, the Iranian football federation was facing. Thus, the PA, the West Asian Football Federation, in 2001, with the members of the initial Jordan, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Palestine and Syria, officially was formed....
What is EAFF ?
East Asian Football Federation
The Football Federation of East Asia (EAFF) is the Union of Federation of football countries in the region, east Asia is that in the year 2002 was formed. The institution of the organizer of the football championship of East Asia....
What is SAFF ?
South Asian Football Federation
Federation, South Asian Football Association (SAFA) is the Union of the Federation of football, the countries of the South Asian region, which in 1997 was formed. The institution of the organizer of the football championship of South Asia....
What is CAFA ?
Central Asian Football Association
The Football Federation of the center of Asia. the Federation of football of Central Asia or the Iranian Football Federation, Central Asia (CAFA) is the Union of the Federation of football, the countries of the Central Asian region that in the year 2014 was formed. The federation, led by the Iranian Football Federation, a member of the former region of West Asia and the Afghan Football Federation, a member of the former subregion, South Asia, is created. The institution organising the football championship of Central Asia....
What is CAF ?
Confederation of African Football
The Confederation of African football management and is responsible for football in Africa. The Confederation briefly the cuff can be read.

cuff in 1957 was established and has its headquarters now in the city, sixth of October, Egypt is located. This confederation is now 56 members and its chairman is also Ahmed Ahmed are.

Africa Cup of nations the most significant event of the confederation can be....
What is BRU ?
National football team Brunei, the representative of Brunei in international competitions, and Asia that under the supervision of the Football Federation of Brunei activity.

the first official game the team on May 22, 1971 was against the national football team of Malaysia is held.

national football team Brunei, one of the Football teams in the continent of Asia, which in 1959 was established, and the AFC is, and in 1972 to join the official Federation of international football FIFA joined.

the national team Brunei to bees famous can be.

the first official visit of the national team Brunei dollar against the national team of Malaysia in date 22 May 1971 in the country of Thailand was held and the team Brunei with the result of 4-0 was victorious.

team Brunei had managed to earn according to the World Cup yet....