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Acronym References

What is ساترا ?

سازمان تنظیم مقررات رسانه‌های صوت و تصویر فراگیر

In order to realize the public interest and interests in the sphere of universal audio-visual media services, the Organization for the Regulation of Audio-Visual Media in Cyberspace (SATRA) has the following tasks:

- Organizing the Audio Field And comprehensive image in order to support service providers and ensure the rights of users
- Accelerate, facilitate and clarify the process and process of licensing providers of comprehensive audio and video services in cyberspace
- Increase business and facilitate activities for activists Comprehensive Audio and Video Field
- Dealing with Complaints and Violations Reported by People in Cyberspace
- Preparing, Adjusting and Approving Regulations, Procedures, Application Guidelines
- Supporting and Mobilizing Content and Services Production And creating social vitality to increase the exchange of domestic traffic information and reduce international traffic
- Increasing the number of international users and more Iranian users using the world's top content