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Acronym Finder

What is KPF ?
Kanoone Parvaresh Fekri
Institute for the intellectual development of children and adolescents (KPF) organization, a non-profit cultural and artistic is to fill the lack of artifacts and cultural products for kids, in January 1344, headed by the Empress Farah Pahlavi and management Lilly your activity began.

Institute for the intellectual development of children and adolescents, and has the most extensive network of the library kids and is also of the most prominent manufacturers and book publishers, children, and adolescents in Iran are expected to be. The epicenter also produces films and other cultural products for children and adolescents....
What is ایتا ?
اندیشه یاوران تمدن امروز
Messaging it\'s with the aim of satisfy all the needs of users in a messaging application is designed.
in it you can ease with your friends, talk, etc. your files to share. the group and channel build of the advanced capabilities of it to manage and personalize the software to use with your
What is سمفا ?
سامانه مدیریت فروش آنلاین
System new "" Akron, online movies to monitor and display better....
What is CERL ?
Consortium of European Research Libraries
European consortium library research, or refer to the CERL, a consortium of library research is more in Europe, its activities to date, musicians, access to online resources to facilitate does not include HPB and the treasure wor CERL. This organization, in addition to holding and seminars, since 1998, to publish a magazine called CERL Papers has....
What is HPB ?
Heritage of the Printed Book Database
Database, legacy, manuscripts, printed...
What is WOW ?
Women On Web
Women on web name (WoW), the Institute non-governmental assistance and online counseling for abortion, in the countries that the possibility of abortion, sure for women, there is not. The services of this institution include send mailing drugs (mifepristone which), and misoprostol (Misoprostol) to address applicants that AGO weeks of pregnancy and with the advice of the doctor, the institute can be done. Medications just to the countries that abortion in those limited or prohibited to be sent. The Office of the Institute in the Netherlands.

Dr. Rebecca is the founder of the Institute, etc. also thought of with the ship to the shores of different countries went on and to women for abortion help. It a few times to the ship went the last time, in August 2004, to Portugal, were it allowed to enter the port were allowed. Defense Minister of Portugal, the group "a threat to national security" as a village, and warships sent to the ship it will stop. Then it's another way to help women demanding abortion, find and protocol on the web journos published until the women can find themselves without risk by means of a drug called misoprostol (Misoprostol) miscarriage live....
What is شانا ?
شبكه اطلاع‌رسانی نفت و انرژی
Shana news Department of Public Relations of the Ministry of oil. ( shana.ir )...