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Acronym References

What is ALL ?

Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia

Acute leukemia or briefly ALL one of the types of blood cancer. This type of leukemia cells, lymph, or lymphocytes, can affect the tissue, the lymph nodes make and process acute.

cancer of blood or leukemia, or progressive disease and malignant members of the blood of the body. This condition, in effect, reproduce and evolve, incomplete white blood and precursors of it in the blood and bone marrow can be created. Leukemia is one of the cancers common among children.

in leukemia, bone marrow for non-normal, a very large amount of blood cell production. These cells, with the cells of normal blood and normal are different, and does not function properly. In the result, the production of white blood cells, stopped, and the person's ability to cope with the disease from the system. Cells leukemia also affects the production of other types of blood cells by bone marrow, can be built, including red blood cells, which transports oxygen to the tissues of the body can effect. and platelets in the blood from blood clotting to prevent. the effect of a negative way, therefore, in a variety of leukemia, immune deficiency, anemia and coagulation disorder.

in acute leukemia., the cells of the bone marrow mature adequate . Cells immature often blast that are called to the reproduction and accumulation to continue . In leukemia the origin of cancer cells category, lymphocytes, particularly B lymphocytes .

leukemia-acute lymphocytic (ALL ) among children is more common . The age of children with disease are usually less than 10 years . Whites two times breed American – African to ALL affected .

risk factors, etc. are the factors that likely person to cancer increases these factors, lifestyle, environment and genetics ( heredity) is associated .

risk factors related to life in a variety of cancer include smoking or intense light of the sun . The only factor related to lifestyle that the component risk factors has been proven leukemia is . Environmental factors, etc. are the factors such as , etc. chemicals and infections that are in the environment around us . In the work environment exposed to benzene ( a type of chemical ) being the high amount of long term risk factors for AML to account comes . amount to much ( survivors of the atomic bomb or the events of nuclear reactors ) than others exposed to AML or ALL .