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Acronym References

What is PVC ?

Poly Vinyl Chloride

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is PVC, and vinyl are common not only with the reference polymer, but also for all substances that Poly vinyl chloride, a builder faces can be used. Polyvinyl chloride plastic, unlimited uses .In the present conditions is one of the most valuable products of petrochemical industry, kit .Generally, more than 50% of PVC, making human in the building can be used .Because PVC is cheap, has been, and simply burst, you can be. In recent years, PVC alternative building materials traditional such as wood, cement, and pottery in many areas is the emergence of a substance, ideal building continues to be a concern in relation to the cost of PVC to the natural environment and human health, there . Uses of PVC include vinyl siding. Mark magnetic cards. Cut the vertical window. The pages of the gramophone that the source of the name for the pages vinyl. Tube. Plumbing. Channel and fixture. Handbags, cheap price.Window, Dark( no visibility), and The Shape of its soft to dress. Upholstery such as curtains .Flooring and build the roof. The shell of electric cables. Ball game light-weight there. Also, a substance that is often used for plumbing water and sewer due to being cheap, and being flexible can be used. PVC film can be a means of warming the seam measurements and also by the vibration of high frequency or by applying a pressure, equipped with a barrier to prevent sticking to the jaws. Another method is that the sheets together that if the softener is correctly added, is due to the resistance of striking against the earliest possible. Techniques for shaping PVC mixer powder :mixing material by the mixing, is done, of course, it should be noted that in the mixing .Lubricants, pigments, etc., which should be the amount they are relatively low-is the possibility to create bugs there are practical. Devices :usually from the type of machines, the preparation of laminates. Devices form:include one or more screws, a drill Battalion. :the direction of preparation of the sheet, elongated from plastics, and thermoplastic, the resin is between two or several cylinders, pass. Shape in low pressure:molding by pressure and very fast and for the preparation of objects, the molding has dimension, and the average goes to work. Molding method of injection molding. Extrusion the heat also from other methods. Date, Poly vinyl chloride, randomly two positions in the 19th century, was discovered first in 1835 by Henry Victor in 1872 by .In both the position of the polymer when became apparent that the solid white color of the inside of the flask vinyl chloride exposed to sunlight used .

Vol, (procurement), Poly vinyl chloride by the polymerization of monomeric vinyl chloride are formed, the production of the commercial part of PVC is mainly through polymerization of probation done has gotten polymerization, mass, and emulsion, to a lesser extent from polymerization solution is rarely used polyvinyl chloride from minor enjoyed, but due to the chaining bulking, remember me (the result of orientalists big chlorine)strength .Or a for it high and the amount of 81 degrees Celsius, but the amount of the T-A are so high is not that process, various methods of in trouble. Against heat and light and fairly unstable has been hydrogen out of it. This article effects on the properties of the objects at hand (electrical components)in addition to the physiological effects on leaves. .PVC hard plastic that by adding lubricant, the soft and flexible can be the most used it - is . Before the twentieth century, chemist, Ivan the optimal and Fritz the totality of the company electron Chemistry, Germany, both tried to PVC in commercial products to operate, but the problems in the process. Tough and sometimes fragility of the polymer trying them, the result can disastrous. In 1926, Waldo Simon of F Goodrich a method to soften PVC by mixing it with add-ons, various extended. The result of a substance flexible, who was simply in the processes of the company will in commercial use are common.

vinyl chloride monomer in the late 1960 John Maurice Johnson were the first clearly cancer angiogenesis Monomer of vinyl chloride to humans identified when on the workers circle, the polymerization of vinyl chloride in an F good rich tested . Believed is that more products, vinyl signboards self-adhesive when correctly consumed, generally, , though a number of add-ons and emollients from the product vinyl signboards self-adhesive can leak. even though there are PVC soft toys in order to babies for years made of this, there is concern that these add-ons from soft toys to mouth, children that it to mouth, they suffer a slow leak. Despite being the products of PVC production are one of the most toxic substances, a chemical called dioxin to emit.PVC products when you combust or bury are can influence. Burning production storage plenty dioxin is and the components that make up chlorine, that environment to one's ends. In January 2006, the Union a lockout for 6 type - softener in toys games. In 2003, the commission Security Consumer USA, a petition for similar in the United States, denied. Despite this, in America, more companies are optional toys, human construction PVC, for babies stopped. Of companies active in the field of producing kinds of tube, Yu.Pi.He.CD, standard and high quality. production company, Industrial thermoplastics.