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Vehicle Assembly Building (NASA)

Visual Arts Board (various locations)

Vård av Barn (Sweden: Care of Children)

Vaccines and Biologicals (World Health Organization)

Virginia Beach (Virginia, USA)

Value Adjustment Board (Florida)

Vertical Assembly Building (NASA, now Vehicle Assembly Building)

Virginia Association of Broadcasters

Véhicule de l'Avant Blindé (French: armored front line vehicle)

Vlaamse Automobilistenbond (Flemish Driver’s Association)

Vigilanza Antincendi Boschivi (Italian: Forest Fire Watch)

Virtual Advisory Board (various organizations)

Value Adjustment Boards

Vehicle Acceptance Body (UK Railway)

Value Added Business

Voice Answer Back

Volunteers Association for Bangladesh (Irvington, NY)

Veterans' Advisory Board (various locations)

Value Added Bank

Variable Action Button

Villamor Air Base (Pasay City, Philippines)

Value Aging Buffer

Vehicle Arresting Barrier

Value Added Benefit

Value Added Base

Virtual Address Buffer