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Ottawa Public Library (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)

outer plexiform layer

Open Publication License

On-Premise Laundry

Odisha Premier League (Indian cricket league)

Opinion Leader

Optical Path Length

One Planet Living (global initiative)

Open Publishing Lab

Off Port Limit (shipping industry)

Oceanside Public Library (various locations)

Office of Public Liaison

Organiser Programming Language (PSION)

Overhead Power Line (electric power transmission)

Outpost Line (US Navy)

Open Public License

Other Party Liability (insurance)

Output Protection Limiting (audio equipment)

Optics and Photonics Letters (journal)

One Point Lesson

Operations Log (oil exploration)

OpenContent Licence

One Person Librarian

FM Operator Type-L (audio synthesiser chip)

Office of Public Leadership (University of Illinois)

Oil Prospecting Lease

Order of Preachers Layperson (Roman Catholicism; Dominican)

Outer Port Limit (shipping)

Olympus Product Line (Sun)

Operating Parameter Limit

Office of Policy and Legislation (US)

Operator Performance Lab (University of Iowa Engineering Research Laboratory)

Optical Power Limiter (Delaire)

Oxford Property Lettings (Dublin, Ireland)

Òganizasyon Pèp K ap Lite (Bangla: Struggling People's Organization, Haiti)

One Percent Living

Outside Plant Loss (Lucent)

Oil Publications Limited

Ohio Pink Ladies (Toledo, OH)

optional port of loading

Officer Processing Lead (US DoD)

Organic Pure Life (New York, NY)

Outer Physical Layer