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Level Of Service

Line(s) of Supply

Law Of the Sea

Line Of Sight (0-30 Miles)

Length of Stay

Loss Of Signal

Lucas Oil Stadium (Indianapolis, IN)

Letter of Support (various organizations)

Loan Origination System

Length of Service


Leftover Salmon (band)

Linux Operating System

Line Of Scrimmage (American football)

Land of Smiles (Thailand)

Loss of Selectivity

Loan Origination Software (various organizations)

Local Oscillator Signal

Legion of Superheroes (comic)


Living Oceans Society (Canada)

League of the South

Loss Of Synchronization

Large offspring syndrome (cloning)

Line of Symmetry

Limits of Stability

Limit of Sensitivity

Lube Oil System

Library Outreach Service

Logical Services

Line Out of Service (ITU-T)

Live Oak Society


Legion of Steel (gaming guild)

Loan Operating System

Lift-Off Simulator

Letter of Supply

Lines of Sponsorship (MLM)

Line Operational Simulation

Line-Oriented Simulation

Landelijk Oefenstof Systeem (Dutch)

Late-Old Structure (forestry)

Local Operating Station

Launcher Operation Station

Lock Off Stop

Lead Out Subassembly

Logistic Operation Streamline

Norwegian Centre for Research in Organization and Management

Logistics Outfitting System (US Navy)

Lagos, Nigeria - Murtala Muhammad (Airport Code)